Fast Pace at Auskarts Round 3

from Kev “The Noise” Davies

Another amazing day of four-stroke only racing at Auskarts on Sunday for round 3 of the club’s Championship at the Driver Training Centre circuit of Lakeside International Raceway.

The pace was fast with five new lap records established on the day.

  • Top 3 below. Full results are on natsoft HERE (then click Circuit Racing and find the event on 7/08/22)
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  • Video of each class below. All the other races are on Kev’s YouTube HERE.
New “Track A” lap records in yellow.

1st – Oskar Kozak 193pts (Ricciardo)
2nd – Levi Newton 166pts (Compkart)
3rd – Luca Hay 158pts (Kart)

1st – Ledger Daniels 182pts (Arrow)
2nd – Harrison Lippiatt 169pts (CRG)
3rd – Jensen Clout 138pts (Parolin)

Junior Light
1st – Max Newton 157pts (Arrow)
2nd – Blake Kratzmann 139pts (Kosmic)
3rd – Jackson Nott 110pts (CRG)

1st – Georgie Yeadon 165pts (CRG)
2nd – Liam Ioannidis 126pts (Praga)
3rd – Buster Bailey 100pts (Kart)

Senior Light
1st – Elliot Thompson 164pts (CRG)
2nd – Kalan Mullins 132pts (Arrow)
3rd – Xander Jacobi 120pts (Arrow)


Senior Medium
1st – Cameron Matthews 158pts (KNK)
2nd – Mark Walker 142pts (CRG)
3rd – Brock Fox 104pts (JC)

Senior Heavy
1st – Harry Arendt 165pts (Arrow)
2nd – Ed Arendt 131pts (CRG)
3rd – Matthew Peters 120pts (Arrow)

1st – Lochlan Shearsmith 157pts (Tony Kart)
2nd – Mitch Walker 144pts (Ricciardo)

Performance Single Medium
1st – Sam Lewis 141pts (Tillotson)
2nd – Brock Fox 134pts (Arrow)
3rd – Stephen George 129pts (Arrow)

Performance Single Heavy
1st – Brian Fox 165pts (JC)
2nd – Arnold Kretschmer 135pts (Arrow)
3rd – Will Colman

Performance Twin
1st – Mark Walker 164pts (KNK)
2nd – Peter Mason 116pts (KNK)
3rd – Jason Ramsay 115pts (Birel)