Should OK-N be Introduced in Australia?

Pros and Cons of OK-N – that’s the title of an article published on the Vroom website and it raises issues worth considering for here in Australia.

In an article published on July 29, Vroom questions the validity of going back to a direct-drive multi-manufacturer category for a ‘National’ class, particularly when many countries are now pulling decent numbers with single-brand (and usually TaG-based) classes at National level.

Vroom asks is the OK-N decision “the one we have all been waiting for for years or whether we are facing yet another misstep capable of undermining the foundations of entry-level karting”.

You can read the full article on Vroom HERE.

TM’s OK-N engine; no exhaust valve and decompression button on top to aid push starting (pic – FIA Karting)

The CIK-FIA has pushed out several press releases about the new category, all with a positive spin for obvious reasons – the Federation thinks it’s a good idea to have OK-N as the National level class for its ASN countries and is trying to push that forward.

Locally, Karting Australia (the ASN for Australia) has expressed support for OK-N, CEO Kelvin O’Reilly stating he wants KA to be at the forefront of the category’s development – though as yet not specifying when or how it might be introduced, other than “it is a question of how it fits into Karting Australia’s high performance competition structure in the future.”


Some people think it’s best for each country to develop its own national classes to suit the local landscape and industry. Others believe it would be best to have a category that’s uniform across the globe.

What do YOU think? Could OK-N work for Australia?

If you have a strong opinion one way or the other, choose Yes or No. If you think it’s too early to decide and needs further discussion (or you’re just not sure), choose Unsure. (There’s also an option to add your own answer – please be respectful and constructive.)