The Reason – Karting Family

by Parolin Australia


The reason we as parents put our hard earned money, our time, our hearts, our souls into a sport for just our kids to do…

No other sport can you spend the amount of time with your children and family like you do in Karting.

The highs, the lows, the in between you do as a family unit, as a team. 26 years these two have gone race to race, meeting to meeting, state to state as a team, father and son spending quality time together, travelling, talking strategies, set ups, the wish of lucks the hugs and tears of joy, the hugs for the disappointment.


Great to see Leigh Nicolaou back on the podium at AKC, here celebrating with his dad, Tommy.

As a parent you wish them luck before they leave that grid and the nerves set in from the sidelines, we take every start, every turn, every pass, every crash and every win with our drivers.

You work together to get the best out of the machines, the drivers, the mechanics but in the end we all go home together as a family, as a team and come back and do it all again the next weekend.

We see generations come through the Karting ranks together because as a driver turns into that parent they see, they understand and they want everything they had with their family at the tracks… that time, that love, that enjoyment, those wins all over again with their own because there is no greater feeling then being with your family at the track.



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