March Races at Stony Creek

Numbers were down a little for the March race day at Stony Creek last weekend, however there was still some fierce racing in several of the classes. Luckily, most of the racing was completed in dry conditions.

Steve Dansie was there, camera in hand.

Three wide – Bailey Fox (5), Elouise Godfrey (7) and Royce Lyne (4) with Mikayla Fox (17) in chase (pic – Steve Dansie)


  • results of the Finals below. Full results on speedhive HERE

Cadet 9
1 Harry Westbury
2 Cooper Ashton
3 Rocco Jakoljevic

Cadet 12
1 Summer Fox

Summer Fox leads Harry Westbury in Cadets (pic – Steve Dansie)

125 Light
1 Kosta Darras
2 Glenn Forsyth
3 Russel Sheean

VC Light
1 Ben Fisher
2 Liam Kaldvee
3 Royce Lyne


Ben Fisher heads Liam Kaldvee and the rest of the VC Light pack into turn 1 (pic – Steve Dansie)

1 Graydon Slama
2 Andrew Hall
3 Jake Holland

1 Joshua Godfrey
2 Wilhelm Layton
3 Lucca Jakovljevic


1 Craig Bertrum
2 Mark Lee
3 Rohan Kaldvee

125 Heavy
1 Michael Faron
2 Brock Lindorff
3 Ashleigh Saunders

Mitchell Bergman parks on top of Rocco Jakovljevic, Cadets (pic – Steve Dansie)