Latest AKC Travel Info

Karting Australia confirms that the final round of the 2021 SP Tools Australian Kart Championship is set to run as planned on December 10-12.

The event will be hosted by the Go-Kart Club of SA at the Monarto Karting Complex, located just outside of Murray Bridge.

Last month, when we selected the Monarto Karting Complex in South Australia to host the event, it was based on the information that South Australia was the only Australian State to which people could travel to and return from without any isolation or quarantine restrictions.  Unfortunately, that no longer applies to Western Australia.


As advised to entrants last week, all attendees travelling to South Australia are required to complete a border application on  Once the application has been lodged, you will then receive advice on your requirements upon arrival.

If you need to complete a PCR test upon arrival, then need to isolate until receiving your result the SA Government has advised that you should expect their result within 4-5 hours.

A list of SA COVID testing stations can be found here


A small Covid cluster in Adelaide that emerged last week has resulted in the SA government assessing that situation over recent days. Yesterday’s announcement by SA Premier Marshall that there would be no change to the SA requirements was very welcome.

The Queensland Government on 4 December added Greater Adelaide to their Hot Spot list.


Murray Bridge and the surrounding areas are not part of the Greater Adelaide region and IS NOT A HOT SPOT. 

We have spoken to Queensland Health today, who have advised the following information for those flying to and from the event from Queensland.

Unless you spend more than two hours transiting through or staying in Greater Adelaide you will not be classified as having been in a hotspot by the Queensland Government and will not be required to complete a test before returning to Queensland.

If you have been in Greater Adelaide and arrive in Queensland after 1am on Monday 6 December, you will need to have received a negative COVID-19 PCR test result in the 72 hours prior to arrival.  (

For those driving to the event, the requirements to return to Queensland HAVE NOT changed as you will be travelling via road through New South Wales to return.

Queensland is on track to hit 80% vaccination rate on Saturday December 10, therefore removing any quarantine requirement for arrivals from ANYWHERE from Australia after this date.

*All information is current as of 12:00pm Sunday December 5 and subject to change or changes in government restrictions


Queensland declares Greater Adelaide a hotspot – 4 December 2021
The Queensland Department Of Health Media Release issued yesterday clarifies the situation (see the highlighted paragraph in the clipping below and the direct link to it on the Qld Government web site.) We expect the relevant orders to be updated in the next 24 hours as it takes effect tomorrow.

The information assumes that you are double vaccinated as that is a mandatory requirement for attending the event in South Australia and also for returning to Queensland.