Driver Profile: Andrew Cain

from the Qld Superkart Club, published with permission

Queensland Superkart Club: How did you get involved in the club?

Andrew Cain: I’ll have to take you back a bit. I went to a street race at Beenleigh to watch sprint karts. After that I was hooked. I started racing in around 1988, and raced until about 2000. Then the usual things such as kids took over, ha-ha. Come forward to 2019 and I started sprint karts again but it was not the same so I did some research via the internet and saw that Superkarts ran at QR, and that I could race my sprint kart with some small changes.

QSC: What have you enjoyed the most while being part of the club?

The way everybody is so willing to help. Entering the category for the first time it was good to see. It really helped me get to know the track, giving me track knowledge. People like Bob Larance for the work he did with my kart getting it up to spec.

QSC: What class would you race if you had the option?


Thinking of my first round out in my Rotax superkart, I was thinking of packing up and going home. I was absolutely shitting myself. That was the first practise session, but by the end of the weekend I was like “give me more!”. As for racing anything else I’ll just stick with my Rotax ha-ha!

QSC: What are your future goals?

Stay alive as my doctor says. 16 months ago, I had a very bad fall at home 4 metres on to concrete and broke the body. My doctors say I should be dead or in a wheelchair so to be doing super karts is big goal achieved for me.

QSC: What interests do you have outside of Superkarting?

Hanging out with my wife (better put that first). Going for rides on my Gold Wing motor bike, F1 GP Bikes, my son, when he remembers me and is not hanging out with his mates ha.