Mainland Series Concludes Despite COVID Restrictions

Thanks to strict adherence to social distancing and (because of it) a blanket ban on spectators Christchurch’s KartSport Canterbury kart club was able to successfully conclude this year’s HSD Building Contractors-backed HSD Mainland Series at its two-day Garden City Championships meeting last weekend.

It was a major victory both for the club and the series, particularly given the capricious spring weather which saw strong winds buffet the club’s Carr’s Rd venue on Saturday and a southerly change bringing rain showers sweeping across the venue on Sunday,

Will Neale, 1st in Rotax Max Light (pic – Fast Company/Lloyd Palmer)

Despite the challenges presented – even under Level 2 – to travel and compete, a strong local entry at the popular two-day Garden City Championships meeting was supplemented by karters from other parts of the South Island chasing Mainland Series points.

Making it an even greater challenge for all entrants is the popular annual meeting’s format, which sees racing conducted in the normal (anti-clockwise) direction on the first day of competition, then in the opposite (clockwise) direction on the second.

Vortex Mini ROK winner Zach Tucker (pic – Fast Company/Lloyd Palmer)

Though local club members ended up winning the lion’s share of both Garden City Championship and HSD Building Contractors’ Mainland series trophies,  once the number of entries per club was averaged out, just a single point separated the winner, host club KartSport Canterbury, from runner-up KartSport Marlborough from Blenheim with KartSport Nelson just 38 points further back in third place.

HSD  Building Contractors 2021 Mainland Series class winners decided at the two-day Garden City Championships meeting were;

  • Cadet ROK –  Henry Fisher (Canty)
  • Vortex Mini ROK – Zach Tucker (Canty)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Junior – Blake Knowles (Canty)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Light – Will Neale (Canty)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Heavy – Kevin Barker (Nel)
  • Briggs LO206 Light – Tony Dyer (Nel)
  • Briggs LO206 Heavy – Taylor Grey (Sthl)
  • Open – Hamish Carpenter (Canty)
Taylor Gray won Briggs LO206 Heavy (pic – Fast Company/Lloyd Palmer)


Cadet ROK

1 Henry Fisher (Canterbury)

2 Jack McGrath (Dunedin)

3 Nixon Cripps (Southland)

4 Cooper Patrick (Dunedin)

Henry Fisher won Cadet ROK (pic – Fast Company/Lloyd Palmer)

Vortex Mini ROK

1 Zach Tucker (Canterbury)

2 Levi McMillan (Canterbury)

3 Charlie Botham (Marlborough)

4 Robbie Batt (Southland)

5 Xavier Cadogan (Dunedin)

6 Josh Hill (Southland)

7 Nickolas Cayford (Dunedin)

8 Mason Dunphy (Dunedin)

9 Cooper McLeod (Southland)

125cc Rotax Max Junior

1 Blake Knowles (Canterbury)

2 Dylan Jessop (Canterbury)

3 Ollie Workman (Nelson)

4 Chris White (Canterbury)

5 William McDonald (Canterbury)

6 Scott McLaren (Canterbury)

7 James Black (Dunedin)

8 Arthur Broughan (Marlborough)

9 Jacob Earley (Southland)

10 Archie Botham (Marlborough)

11 Myles Findlay (Canterbury)

12 Porter Stevenson (Dunedin)

13 Riley Greig (Nelson)

14 Vin Schelp (Canterbury)

15 Alex Paul (Nelson)

16 Oakley Muir (Dunedin)

125cc Rotax Max Light

1 Will Neale (Canterbury)


2 Harry McDonald (Canterbury)

3 Cameron Hay (Canterbury)

4 Luca Burns (Southland)

5 Mac Berkett (Nelson)

6 Alex Patrick (Dunedin)

7 James Hutchinson (Dunedin)

8 Kohen Muir‐Thomson (Dunedin)

9 Lachie Penrose (Canterbury)

11 Elisha Day (Canterbury)

12 Findlay Dixon (Southland)

13 Ethan Tuffley (Southland)

14 Jack Martinac (Dunedin)

125cc Rotax Max Heavy

1 Kevin Barker (Nelson)

2 Tony Rankin (Dunedin)

3 Ian Carter (Dunedin)

4 Jaxon Harvey (Dunedin)

5 Nic Carter (Dunedin)

6 Jamie Johnstone (Southland)

7 Craig McFarlane (Dunedin)

8 Damian Hill (Southland)

9 Brad McLeod (Southland)

10 Neil Shearer (Dunedin)

11 Tim Earl (Canterbury)

12 Jason Fleming (Nelson)

13 Attila Sivak (Canterbury)

Kevin Barker took out Rotax Max Heavy (pic – Fast Company/Lloyd Palmer)

Briggs LO206 Light

1 Tony Dyer (Nelson)

2 Travis Smith (Dunedin)

3 Logan Rasmussen (Marlborough)

4 James Watson (Southland)

5 Cody Watson (Southland)

Briggs LO206 Heavy

1. Taylor Gray (Southland)

2. Anton Rasmussen (Marlborough)

3. Scott Watson (Southland)


1. Hamish Carpenter (Canterbury)

2. Luca Burns (Southland)

3. Jacob Douglas (Canterbury)

4. Kim Smrekar (Canterbury)

5. Callissa Campbell (Dunedin)

Mainland Interclub Trophy

1 KartSport Canterbury 700

2 KartSport Marlborough 699

3 KartSport Southland 661

4 KartSport Nelson 645


5 KartSport Dunedin 630