Vale Mozza

An outpouring of grief and respect has followed the sudden and unexpected passing of Adrian ‘Mozza’ Morrisby in Tasmania on Wednesday.

The effect Mozza’s had on people’s lives across various interests and vocations is evident in the tributes that have flooded social media. A selection can be found below.

Zane Wyatt – Energy. Adrian Mozza Morrisby had it in abundance. To hear of the sudden passing of this great man, is truly heartbreaking. I’m jealous of the energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to be so kind and generous to those near and far who needed it. A man that could seemingly fit 25 hours into a day, 8 days into a week. Who would make so much time for anyone and anything. To achieve what he did in such a short time for my sister’s memorial race fundraiser, was incredible. It all started only 10 days prior with a simple message, “Hey mate, I’ve got an idea…”. My deepest condolences to Meegz, Sammy, and the rest of the Morrisby family. Today, and for every other day we all get to spend on this earth, please be kind, do everything with love and passion, and be generous to everyone that you can. It’s what Mozza would want. Rest easy, LEGEND.

Southern Tasmania Kart Club – This is not an easy post to write. As most of you are probably aware, yesterday we lost a once in a generation human being. Adrian Mozza Morrisby was a man like no other. Loved universally by everyone, not just in the karting community, but across the whole state, he was THE shining example of what it takes to be a good person, the best person. While we all sit in utter disbelief at the fact that we will never hear that gravelly voice again, hopefully Moz can at least rest easy knowing that he has left an everlasting impression on all of us as to how we can all be better people and look after each other. This was a man who would regularly go to the ends of the earth for a complete stranger, often at great expense, and expect nothing in return. The tears of joy we often saw in recent times whenever young Sammy made another breakthrough was something that pulled at all our heart strings. The passion and enthusiasm he put into his race team was on a whole new level to anything we have seen in the state, and there are going to be a lot of young boys and girls waking up this morning struggling to understand how something like this could happen. Rest easy big fella, “Let er eat!”

Energy Corse Australia – Today marks a very sad day to hear the passing of one of Energy’s greatest supporters Adrian Mozza Morrisby. Not only was he an Energy fan, he was the guy that made him your best mate after knowing him for a minute. He cared and looked after his mates and his family. A jokester by nature. I still don’t believe the news as I was only speaking to him yesterday about setups and fishing. You will be missed by so many. I hope those pearly white gates blew open for you, as we know you will be looking down on all of us. All the best mate. ♥️♥️♥️

Karting Australia – It is with sadness that Karting Australia acknowledges the passing of Tasmanian karting figure Adrian ‘Mozza’ Morrisby. Adrian passed away suddenly on Wednesday September 15. After racing in his younger years, Adrian turned his hand to commentary duties at motorsport events across the State and various parts of Australia. He recently formed the Energy Karts Tasmania team and was an inspirational leader for the young drivers under his wing – including his young son Sammy who had started racing earlier this year. Karting Australia on behalf of the entire karting community offers its condolences to the Adrian’s family and many friends.


Launceston Kart Club – It is with sadness that Launceston Kart Club acknowledges the passing of Tasmanian karting figure Adrian ‘Mozza’ Morrisby. For those who knew of Mozza, you’d know what an incredible man he was, who’d support anything that would get people into the sport that he grew up with and loved. Always putting people first, no task was too big to help anyone and his passion and enthusiasm for the sport will be forever missed. Race meetings will never be the same without Mozz, but we’ll do everything to keep his legacy alive. Launceston Kart Club offers its condolences to the Meegsy & Sammy. We will watch out for them while you look over for us. We love and miss you. Thankyou friend.

Jess at Racing With Autism Australia – It’s with a sadness and disbelief that we pay our respects to Mozza.
Adrian Mozza Morrisby is the proud, loving and determined father of our little southern racer and ambassador Sammy. Sadly Mozz passed away unexpectedly yesterday and so many people are heavily impacted by this tragedy. Not only was Mozza a parent of a racer, he gave me advice, pointed me in the right direction, advertised and supported RWAA and myself, but most importantly he believed in what we are trying to achieve and wanted to be apart of that however he possibly could. Mozz sponsored many of trophies but at times sponsored then in the RWAA name. He was one of those people you walked away from after a conversation thinking, with people like him in my corner I can do this. Our deepest condolences to Sammy and Meegs. We will endeavour to do whatever we can to help Sammy’s Karting career and be there anyway we can. One of the last conversations we had ended with “Don’t overwork yourself Jess, we need ya”. The motorsport community needed Mozz. The saying one in a million didn’t cut it for him, there was no one else like him. I’m grateful to of met Mozz and to of gained so much inspiration and enthusiasm from him. Jess.

Cameron Morrisby – It is with such great sadness that I have lost my much loved and treasured son Adrian at such a young age, with a wonderful family he’s left behind and a bright future he had ahead of him. Our children are our world and I’m struggling with the terrible grief, as is my daughter Jo and her family, my wife Liz, her children and family, all part of our combined unit. We all loved Adrian so are grieving the loss of one of our own. I have been overwhelmed by the tributes to my son and feel such pride in his many achievements, particularly his care firstly of Meegs and Sam, his family and friends and the numerous wider public who hold him in their hearts. He touched many people in his short, “larger than life” time with us and no-one will feel that loss more than me. Farewell my beautiful boy, I’m sure your adored Mum will be giving you the biggest hugs. 💖💞