Karting & Covid – Poll Result

We ran a second reader poll earlier this month, asking where karters sit regarding COVID vaccination. The results are below, as is the result of the same poll question when it was posed in July.

As would be expected, the biggest shift is the decrease of those who “intend to have the jab but hadn’t” to the increase in “fully vaccinated”

The percentage of those who have no intention of being vaccinated has fallen slightly but is still pretty significant considering the Federal Government is targeting an 80% vaccination rate.


Further down are the figures from a speedcafe reader poll. While the question is different, some of the results are not dissimilar.

As a point of reference, below is the result of asking the same questions in July:

Speedcafe also ran a reader poll on covid about vaccination and attending race meetings. Polling as at 17/9/21 is below.