KA Covid Update for Qld Clubs

Karting Australia has updated advice to its clubs, with no competition allowed this weekend in a number of affected Local Government Areas.

Good Morning,

Following Sunday’s announcement by the Queensland Premier, Karting Australia has been working through the effect that the current restrictions have on the sport of karting in Queensland, and in particular activity and licence holders located in the affected 11 Local Government Areas and Cairns.

For the clarification, the 11 Local Government Areas are City of Brisbane, Moreton Bay Regional Council, City of Gold Coast, City of Ipswich, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Logan City, Noosa Shire Council, Redland City, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Somerset Regional Council and Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

Advice for venues and licence holders located in the 11 Local Government Areas

As Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Young detailed yesterday, the intent of the restrictions is to limit the number of people coming together, particularly those that would not usually do so, including in organised sport and active recreation. As a result, restrictions have been placed on community sport until 4pm on 22 August 2021.

Activity is unable to occur unless all of the following conditions can be met:

  • Maximum of 10 people with no physical contact between participants;
  • participants can physically distance;
  • venue density requirements are followed;
  • participants must wear masks unless they have a valid reason not to do so;
  • sharing of equipment is to be limited wherever possible and appropriate cleaning protocols are to be implemented;
  • organisations are reminded to ensure they are using the contact tracing app
  • no structured competitions are to occur.

After lengthy discussions with Queensland Health throughout yesterday to gain a specific clarification for our sport, they are unable to provide a definitive answer on whether it is a maximum of 10 participants for a Social Karting Activity or the venue density overrides this as one each contradicts the other. In the interest of safety, it is
advised that a maximum of 10 Drivers attend at one time while ensuring that social distancing measures are adhered to.

Anyone who has been, or who resides with someone who has been in any of the 11 LGAs in the past 14 days must carry a face mask at all times and it is compulsory for it to be worn at all times in an indoor space and in an outdoor space if 1.5m separation from people who are not members of their household can’t be maintained. Therefore, masks are compulsory for these people in the In Grid, Out Grid and other similar areas at a circuit.


Travel outside of the 11 LGAs should be limited where possible.

Advice for venues and licence holders located outside the 11 Local Government Areas

Restrictions have not changed from previous advice, with the exception of the fact that anyone attending your venue that has been in, or resides with someone who has been in, one of the affected 11 LGAs are required to wear a mask as outlined above.

No mass gathering for a Driver’s Briefing is permitted.

Advice for venues and licence holders located outside the Cairns and Yarrabah Areas

Currently there is a lockdown for these areas in place until 4:00pm on Wednesday, August 11.

Once this lockdown is lifted and Queensland Health publishes the applicable restrictions, Karting Australia will provide further advice for these areas.

Should you have any questions Lee Hanatschek on 07 5655 4341 (email lee@karting.net.au) or Annette English on 0409 945 928 or admin@kartingqld.com.au

Best Regards and Stay Safe

Kelvin O’Reilly
Chief Executive Officer