Rain in Spain

The second round of the IAME Euro Series took place on the fast and flowing Zuera circuit, but despite the summer-like conditions, it ended with a fully wet Finals day.

At the end of the event a very strong Roman Kamyab took the win in X30 Mini, Kanato Le got his first taste of victory in X30 Junior, and Callum Bradshaw showed his strength and experience in X30 Senior.

Sunday’s live stream:

X30 Mini

After two qualifying practice groups on Friday, it was two Spaniards, Raul Zunzarren-Perez (Monlau Competicion) and Sandro Perez-Sanchez (MDC Racing) who were on top, joined by Tiziano Kuzhnini (Spirit-Racing.ch).
Not one driver took more than one qualifying heat win, as Luna Fluxa (Fusion Motorsport), Hugo Marti-Ferrando (Parolin Spain), Roman Kamyab (Fusion Motorsport), Harrison Mackie (Fusion Motorsport), Raul Zunzarren-Perez and Sandro Perez-Sanchez shared the top spots. This left Sandro Perez-Sanchez and Luna Fluxa on the front row for Sunday’s pre-final.

In the wet Sunday morning pre-final Roman Kamyab made a gap of 4 seconds to Raul Zunzarren-Perez. That would pave the way for pole in the much more closely contested final, with Kamyab again clinching the win, but only a fraction ahead of Luna Fluxa and Harrison Mackie, making it a full Fusion Motorsport podium!

X30 Junior

Coming from the strong showing in Belgium, Theophile Nael (2NRacing) cleared the qualifying practice, ahead of Adrian Malheiro (Kart Republic Spain) and Bart Harrisson (Mick Barrett Racing).


The poleman started strong, taking the first victory in the qualifying heats, followed with wins from Ivan Arias-Chavarri (AC Motorsport), Bart Harrisson, Vinnie Phillips (Strawberry Racing), and Kanato Le (Strawberry Racing), with the latter showing a glimpse of what was to follow after making up 30 places from his Qualifying practice position. Vinnie Phillips and Ivan Arias-Chavarri were the drivers to secure the front row for Sunday’s pre-final. 
In the prefinal, Kanato Le jumped to the lead and showed his potential, taking the pole for the final ahead of Vinnie Phillips and Bart Harrisson. While there was a lot of action on the final, the results largely remained unchanged, with Le securing a strong victory with Harrisson and Phillips swapping positions between them.

X30 Senior

The Senior category was the most closely contested, by no less than 79 drivers! This made for a great challenge from the first moment, with Ivan Bataller-Camarena (AC Motorsport) and Santiago Vallve (MOL Racing) topping the Qualifying practice.

Oliver Greenall (Fusion Motorsport), Enzo Leveque (Team KLN), Santiago Vallve, Clayton Ravenscroft (KR-Sport), Callum Bradshaw (Strawberry Racing), Mark Kimber (Fusion Motorsport) and Pedro Hiltbrand (Fusion Motorsport) all shared heat wins, but the man on top for Sunday’s pre-final was Santiago Vallve with Oliver Greenall set to start on the outside row. It was notable that Callum Bradshaw made no less than 19 positions from his qualifying, and Sam Balota was storming through making 60 positions!

Callum Bradshaw demonstrated with speed an experience on Sunday sweeping both pre-final and final with Cian Shields and Sam Balota right behind them, with some great comebacks from Enzo Leveque, Mathilda Olsson (Fusion Motorsport) and Mark Kimber (Strawberry Racing), the last two coming back all the way from the bottom half of Friday’s qualifying!

The points race after Round 2

All three categories’ points are still wide open, but the drivers at the top are starting to establish themselves. In X30 mini it looks like a battle between Roman Kamyab and Sacha Van’t Pad Bosh, closely followed by Luna Fluxa and Harrisson Mackie! Theophile Nael maintains his lead in X30 Junior but is now in striking distance of Kanato Le and Bart Harrisson. Finally, Callum Bradshaw takes over in X30 Senior despite his penalty in Belgium, with Enzo Leveque and Aaron Walker just behind.

Saturday live stream: