Electric Kart Championships

A new era in karting – electric kart championship

On April 30 at Netherlands Raceway Venray kicks off the new season of the Belgium/Netherland electric kart championship.

This will be the first electric kart championship both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Drivers can compete in two categories: Micro 7-11 year olds with 7kW and PRO 16+ with 25kW electric power units.


“We all can see that motorsport is changing and the direction is electric” Blue Shock Race said in a press release.

“Electric kart is the first step in electric motorsport. Not only that, electric karts are a great way to start a career in any motorsport discipline. No engine noise, no vibrations, and no smoke will make it much easier for a young drivers to get the first experience behind the wheel of a real racing car.”

For more information about championships and electric racing karts visit the BlueShock website – blueshockrace.com