Qld Superkart Practice Day

from Queensland Superkart Club

The first practice day of the year and it was hot hot hot!

Big news was we had 3 new potential members having their first go in a Superkart. Big thanks to Drene/Chryss Jamieson and Ray Raaymakers for getting everyone and the karts to the track. They absolutely loved it and 2 out of the 3 at time of writing have joined the club.

Ric Gale one of the new members had the following to say after his first experience in a Superkart:

‘Qld Superkarts, what a privilege it was today to have been given the opportunity to participate in todays practice day with a truly fantastic club full of people that are extremely enthusiastic about their sport and so willing to openly share their knowledge and experience. A huge thank you to the club and all involved today especially to Ray and Drene for all the help and getting me into an amazing Superkart and around the track today. With a couple of minor technical issues throughout the day it was refreshing to see the assistance and effort offered and given from all the members to ensure everyone’s kart got out on the track. What a fantastic sport, a brilliant club, really looking forward to the lakeside round’.

Greg Hack came to drive a 85cc Gearbox kart but circumstances saw him jump into the 125 Stockman Honda and took to it like a duck to water cranking out a 1:26 in the third session which was very impressive! He had the following to say: “I think Ric has said it perfectly, It certainly was a privilege to be handed a kart and let loose!!! It was my first time jumping into anything other than a hire kart and it was definitely an experience!! We met a few of the club members today, these guys aren’t there because they have too nor looking to make a million bucks! The passion they have for the sport is clear and Drenes generosity is like none other!! A huge thank you to all involved today, specially Drene for loaning me a weapon of a kart (I’m hooked) and to Ray for kitting me out in his 14 year olds gear. Already counting days for the next race!! And have the tough decision of what kart to get.”

Russell Jamieson was there with his 250 Inter fresh off the Stockman Dyno where I hear some good numbers were made track testing the new airbox/pipe setup. 3 solid sessions saw Russ end the day happy with the engine setup and fine-tuned the chassis in preparation for Round 1 of the SKA championship in April at the Bend can he bring the Title back to QLD?


Brian Stockman made the drive up from Tamworth to test a new driver XXXX in the famous #43 VM Powered Stockman. Early sessions saw them getting to grip on chassis setup with kart looking very nervous and twitchy but after the third session XXX was looking much more dialled in and coming to grips with the kart.

Chryss Jamieson had a different engine setup to try but not sure whether it was the heat or other factors but the engine wasn’t happy and saw Chryss chasing his tail for most of the morning. Hopefully Chryss will have it sorted before Round 1 in March.

David Dyson was looking to dip his toes into a 125GB but some technical issues saw him jump in one of Drene’s 85cc Gearbox karts and had a ball although he said it wasn’t a lot different to the Rotax other than you had to change gear haha. Maybe later in the year we’ll see David get into the 125GB kart and shake up the established pecking order.

The next practice day is the 6th or March at Lakeside Park Raceway with plenty of members keen for that!

Spectators are free if you’re looking for something to do that weekend come and check us out!