FIA Karting Best Of: Peter Bayer, Secretary General

from FIA Karting

The year 2020 has been difficult, but we can be satisfied with the way Motor Sport in general and Karting in particular have coped with the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Even though we sometimes had fewer participants, which is understandable, we shall thank the drivers, the teams, the organizers and the ASNs for leading the fight against COVID-19 with us by continuing to race and respecting the new rules. The implementation of a health protocol by the FIA Medical Commission, chaired by Professor Saillant, has made it possible to organise a large number of competitions. The FIA Karting Championships were therefore able to take place in an exemplary manner, despite sometimes onerous measures for all participants involved. 

We are fortunate to be able to rely on Felipe Massa, as President of the FIA International Karting Commission, whose racing driver mentality is never satisfied with an established situation. He constantly strives to improve FIA Karting and pushes us to advance in our daily work. Our collaboration with the Promoter RGMMC Group, represented by James Geidel, is greatly appreciated and fruitful. His agreement with FIA has been extended for two years as planned to guarantee consistency in our top-level championships.                  

We are going to make greater use of the strong potential of karting as part of a broader strategy concerning the two main purposes of this discipline: the practice of a fully-fledged sport over a wide age range and the detection of young talent.


The top of the karting pyramid is doing well thanks to the very good work carried out by the teams at the highest level. It is up to us to develop a long-term strategy to broaden the practice of this discipline. We would like to be more present in sectors such as slalom because it is a simple and effective way to bring karting to those who might be interested instead of waiting for them to come and find it on a circuit.

One of the aims of the FIA Purpose Driven Campaign, launched by the FIA and supported by Formula 1 and Formula E, is to increase access to Motor Sport activities and Karting has definitely its rightful place in this logic. The FIA is also strongly involved in the development of new talents through its Innovation Fund. Here too, Karting will play a key role to achieve this objective.

The way to a greener world in which the automobile industry is engaged will necessarily have an impact on karting. The idea of an electric karting racing program is moving forward, and FIA technicians are following the latest developments in this technology in order to determine which ones might be most suitable for this competition.

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the FIA Karting 2020 Champions and to thank the entire Karting community for the efforts made to ensure the smooth running of the season.