GKC of SA Launch Cadet Program

The Go Kart Club of South Australia has launched a one-make Cadet kart program using the Karting Australia homologated Torini-powered Ricciardo 4SS kart.

The club’s Cadets at Monarto is an introductory program to help kids and parents try the fun motorsport of karting.

“GKCSA Cadets will have a fleet of these karts for all children aged 6 to 12 that come through the Club’s Cadet program” the club’s Olav Marold advised KartSportNews.

The chassis, Ricciardo Kart DR-L28, is identical to that used by the Daniel Ricciardo Series recently launched in England.

“The implementation of the control kart also reduces the complexity of the sport faced by newcomers at a young age.


“The focus will be on driver development and enjoyment of the sport of karting.”

GKCSA Cadets can offer a child a day in the Kart with professional instruction for around $200. This will include the first 3 months membership to The Go Kart Club of SA and a Karting Australia practice license.

Dates are planned for a full program over the two-week school holidays in April. Parents will need to register their kids to participate.

The group has its own Facebook page HERE.