New Pathway For Karters to Cars

James Sera and the Melbourne Kart Centre are the first step in a new motorsport pathway program that has been established between three of Australia’s most successful identities in the domestic motorsport industry.

Sera, Michael Ritter’s Sonic Motor Racing Services and Supercars driver Nick Percat have established a relationship that is designed to take young drivers from karting through to top-level national motorsport.

Nick Percat, Michael Ritter and James Sera at Sandown recently.

Inductees into the program will start their racing journey in karting with professional guidance from Sera, himself a five-time Australian champion.

“This is a collaboration that makes sense and it’s something that I can’t wait to see come to fruition,” Sera said.

Sera has over 30 years experience in kart racing and is the owner and operator of Melbourne Kart Centre. His team enters a number of drivers, from local events to National Championship level.

The young drivers will receive tuition from both Sera and Percat, a former karting star who continues to dabble in the sport and was the 2009 Australian Formula Ford Champion – with Sonic.

As part of the program’s progression plans, Percat will offer driver tuition, guidance and support for the participants in the karting phase of their career, plus through to circuit racing with Sonic.

“While my kart team and Mick’s race team offer the expertise and the hardware, Nick is best placed to offer the nurturing and guidance – both in the kart and in their circuit racing” James added.


“On the karting side, our job will be to get them ready and build in good practices, so when they make the next step, they have a big head start on the next phase of their career.”

“A program of this nature is something we have been working on for quite some time, but it has always needed to be with the right people,” said Ritter. 

“We only want to be involved with people who have the interest of talented young drivers at heart, and I’m pleased that we have formed a great partnership with James and Nick. 

“Our program will provide a clearer path for talented young karters who are already being trained at the highest of standards at a karting level, which will make the transition and progression through the first stages of their circuit racing career both more structured and successful.

Still a regular at kart tracks, Percat is motivated to help the next generation of racers.

“I attend a lot of karting events, and the question I get asked the most by parents is, “What do I do next for my child?” Percat said.

“At the moment, there really is no clear pathway. I already do a bit of work for James at MKC, and I’m still heavily involved with Sonic, so the idea that we’ve come up is a clear, simple and real pathway for kids who want to be race car drivers.

“Personally, I’m motivated to help the next generation of youngsters coming through the ranks and make sure they don’t rush the steps. They need to get the fundamental rights, and this partnership will allow us to streamline that through the expertise at Melbourne Karting Centre and Sonic.”

More details around the three-way collaboration will be delivered during an information evening at the Sonic Motor Racing’s headquarters in East Melbourne early in the new year.