A Correction (and Poll Numbers)

We opened a reader poll yesterday (June 23, see original post HERE) about whether Victorian clubs should be allowed to stagger the dates of their closed club race days, or all clubs continue to host them at the same time on the last Sunday of the month.

Today we received communication from Karting Victoria that Victorian clubs will, in fact, be able to stagger club days from next month (see below). The decision was made at the June state council meeting.

from Karting Victoria

“The Victorian Kart Clubs have unanimously voted to stagger club days from July so this pole [sic] and your explanation is incorrect..

“Club days when allowed can be run on either the 2nd Sunday or last Sunday of each month

“With each club only having one meeting per month …. A Club B Club principle


“This would allow clubs in close proximity to nominate dates to have invited clubs attend without clashes

“Larger Clubs running on the last Sunday of the month would be permitted to split juniors / seniors to Saturday / Sunday. If required to conform to government rules re numbers /social distancing requirements

“To be reviewed if legislation changes to allow larger meetings”

So, we stand corrected on the validity of this poll and have shut it down.

For the sake of interest, an overwhelming majority 75% had voted Yes, 21% No and 4% Unsure.