Vic Poll: Should Club Day Dates Be Staggered?

EDIT 24/6/20: this poll has been closed. See today’s post about it HERE.

We don’t normally run polls on state-based issues, however, things are a little different in this “COVID-19 recovery” phase.

Unlike other states, Karting Victoria reserves the last Sunday of each month for its clubs to conduct their own ‘closed club’ (ie, club members only) race meetings.

It’s been this way for years – many years – and one would have to say it’s been successful. It fosters strong club-based activity where the locals can turn up at their track and race without the pressure of hot-shot blow-ins arriving from other clubs.


But, with a number of kart clubs in Victoria this weekend running their first post-lockdown race meetings, we ask, should this tradition continue?

As the sport recovers from COVID, might it be better to stagger these race days, allowing those who wish to race further opportunity to do so (typically via taking out a day membership at the host club)?  Perhaps metro clubs one weekend and country clubs the next, or clubs in a specific geographical area organise events on alternate weekends?

Or should all club level racing continue to be pinned to the last Sunday of the month?


Club level competition in Victoria – should it be allowed on more than just one weekend of the month? (pic – Steve Dansie)