Race Report – Lismore: Out of Isolation!

The Lismore Kart Club held its first ‘Out of Iso’ race meeting last Sunday, May 31.

Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies was there doing his thing and provided the following:

We are officially out of isolation and one of the first kart races was held on the weekend at Lismore kart club, part of the Karting NSW organisation

As everyone in the karting world is probably aware, the facility was inspected for compliance to COVID-safe protocols and passed with flying colours (the cops turned up on Saturday after a complaint to Crimestoppers! ~ MW)

Junior Light winner Dean Silcock (pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)

As for the racing, 62 karters contested 11 classes, one of which had to be divided into group A & B heats to conform with the limit of 10 karts on track and on the grid at any one time.

News crews attended the first race meeting – click HERE to see the report.

The racing itself was brilliant at times! It was fantastic to finally get back to some kart racing on track and we move on to Coffs Harbour next weekend.

Hopefully all clubs will be very close to resuming competitive events in the next couple of months.

Social distancing in the pits (pic – Shaq’s Speedway Pics)

Lismore has a fabulous group of volunteers and lovely ladies in the canteen made sure no one went hungry. The officials made sure the racing was fair and safe.
The noise made sure it was… well, NOISY!

Only a few more sleeps until we do it again.


P-Plater Louis Brown, Rookie Mini MAX (pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)
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  • All the extra race videos are on Kev’s YouTube channel HERE
  • Full results on MyLaps HERE

Results (based on points for the day)

Senior J Classic
1 Darren Miller
2 Dmitri Nommensen
3 Curt Nommensen

Junior Light
1 Dean Silcock
2 Max Gommers

Junior Performance
1 Jakob Scott
2 Slade Orsmond
3 Braith Santin

Rookie/Mini MAX
1 Kayden Thompson
2 Jackson Cooper
3 Louis Brown

TaG Restricted Heavy A
1 Jason Routley
2 Tye Ruddy
3 Elwyn Garrard

Tag Restricted Heavy B
1 Dean Amos
2 Joshua Dagg
3 Trent Disson

1 Travis Dhu
2 Charlie Hogan
3 Brock Helm

Rookies P
1 Declan Hicks
2 Jackson Morrissey
3 Norm Fraser

1 Kayden Thompson
2 Louis Brown
3 Isaac McNeill

TaG 125 Light
1 Zane Morrison
2 Brody Nunn
3 Jodie Nommensen

TaG 125 Heavy
1 Nigel Everest
2 Richard Bostock

TaG Restricted Light
1 Brent Reading
2 Simone Bisgrove
3 Cameron McPherson


Triple Treat! Three mics for The Noise
Gratton Fraser, TaG R Heavy ‘B’ group (pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)
Joel Lammers (pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)
(pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)
Social distancing in the pits (pic – Shaq’s Speedway Pics)
Darren Miller, Senior Yamaha J Classic winner (pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)
Eddie Garrard (pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)
Kayden Thompson, 1st Rookie Mini MAX (pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)
(pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)
Jackson Cooper (pic – Kev Davies/Facebook)