AIDKA Clarifies Racing Return

The Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association has communicated its standing regarding returning to racing across the various states in which it operates.

from AIDKA

We have been working tirelessly in investigating what each individual States requirements are, in being able to have some sort of karting activity on our tracks.

Lucky for the 2 x NT clubs, they have been able to start their season due to different Government restrictions for the Territory.

SA, WA and QLD have not been so lucky.

We are dictated by the Emergency Management plans of each state and these haven’t been updated for some time. In SA we are hoping for this to be updated very soon as more restrictions are being lifted from Monday 1st June.

Whilst the Goal posts are continually being changed we feel that we are edging closer for some action to be finally happening on our tracks.


Rest assured, we are keeping a close on each Official announcement from every State to see if it affects us in anyway.

‘Possible’ time frames for kart activity (education or racing) at present are dependent on future updates:

NT: Now
SA: Late June to Early July
QLD: Early to Mid July
WA: Early to Mid July

These are not definite and very dependent on future State Government restrictions.

Clubs in some states will need to complete a Covid Safe Plan before any activity occurs at their club.

We will keep you informed with details and relevant links as we get closer to a start date, as these details and requirements are changing regularly.

Thank you for your patience. It is much appreciated.

AIDKA Executive


pic – AIDKA/Facebook