Stony Creek Races – March

In what was possibly the last kart race meeting in Victoria for some time, the Stony Creek Kart Club held its March club race day last Saturday, March 21.

51 entries fronted at the regional circuit. All seven classes ran qualifying, two heats, pre-final and final format.

Photographer Steve Dansie told us there was some brilliant racing in all classes. and lots of happy people. “Everyone there was mindful of the situation we are all in, but at this point want to continue doing what we love in a responsible way.”

Matt McAlpine leads Scott Armstrong in 125 Heavy (pic – Steve Dansie)
  • Results of the day (all points count) are below (full results HERE)
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Vic Light
1 Erica Thompson
2 Dave Bond
3 Richard Almbert

Vic Heavy
1 Justin Donoghue
2 Peter Clifton
3 Frank Schena


(pic – Steve Dansie)

125 Light
1 Glenn Forsyth
2 Kosta Darras
3 Blake Kolar

125 Heavy
1 Scott Armstrong
2 Matt McAlpine
3 David Musgrave

The TaG 125s get tangled up (pic – Steve Dansie)

Cadet 12
1 Cadel Ambrose
2 Joanne Ciconte
3 Cisco Morales

Cadet 9
1 James Flynn
2 Aston Hill
3 Cosy Ciconte

Three-wide in Cadet 12; Dino Maio (12) and Cisco Morales (87) (pic – Steve Dansie)

KA4 Junior
1 Liam O’Donnell
2 Royce Lyne
3 Ben Fisher


Royce Lyne ahead of Wilhelm Layton and Bailey Fox, KZ4 Junior (pic – Steve Dansie)