OTK Unveil New Homologation Mini Chassis

The OTK Group has unveiled it’s Mini Rookie chassis for the new homologation (2020-2024) CIK-FIA international Mini class.

The kart has a 950mm wheelbase, is made of 28mm tube, uses a 30mm axle mounted by two bearings and comes with the M8 “hot-dog bun” CIK-FIA homologated front fairing.

OTK will market the chassis across their four brands; Tony Kart, Kosmic, Exprit and Redspeed.

The company says this new chassis is the result of “intense combined work by the R&D department of the OTK Kart Group and the Tony Kart Racing Team”. The chassis has been tested and developing on circuits in Italy and abroad, using several different types of tyre.


Chassis homologation papers show a classic tube layout with double-bend waist.

“The goal is to provide all young kart drivers with the best compromise to guarantee top performances and, at the same time, great ease of drive and adjustment of the kart.” – OTK

The 2020 Mini Rookie comes with the latest M8 bodywork kit that has proven successful on junior and senior karts. This includes the ‘aero efficient’ nassau panel & number plate, plus a new front spoiler which is higher than previous.
Homologated BSM5 brake caliper (self-adjusting pads) fixes to bearing cassette. Disc is ventilated,160mm.
Single-pump master cylinder. Brake lines are covered with aeronautical flexible steel mesh.
Angled steering wheel hub is height adjustable.
Front bar and pedal mounting system.
New adjustable footrest system, to adapt the driving position for drivers of different height.
Adjustable lower seat mounts make seat movement easier.
OTK steering wheel varies in colour dependent on the brand. The ones fitted to Rookie are designed for small hands.
Three-litre quick-release fuel tank.

For more information, see:

  • the official Exprit site HERE (available in Australia via IKD and their dealers)
  • the official Redspeed site HERE

all pics – OTK