CIK-FIA Best Of: Felipe Massa

from fia karting

Felipe Massa, President of the CIK-FIA since the end of 2017, looks back at the 2019 FIA Karting season and the future directions for international karting.

“In line with 2018, this season has been very positive for international karting. Entries to the FIA Karting Competitions were confirmed to be at a very good level in the OK and OK-Junior categories, while significant progress was recorded for the FIA Karting World Championship – KZ and the FIA Karting International Super Cup – KZ2 in Lonato. New talents have emerged in all categories alongside the established Drivers.

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“Congratulations to the 2019 Champions, especially Lorenzo Travisanutto (OK), Thomas Ten Brinke (Junior), Marijn Kremers (KZ), Emilien Denner (KZ2) and Kajus Siksnelis (Academy). The World Championships held in Alahärmä (FIN) and Lonato (ITA) were very successful. Quality organisation, an exciting show and the presence of a very large audience made them particularly important events.

“We have increased significantly the karting audience worldwide.


“After a first year that allowed me to take the pulse of karting in the field, substantive work started in close collaboration with the FIA, the CIK-FIA team and the FIA Karting Promoter RGMMC Group. The most visible action concerns the intensification of communication on social networks and television channels. A strong boost has significantly increased the karting audience worldwide. This is only the beginning.

“In consultation with the manufacturers, it was decided to broaden the horizons of high level karting beyond Europe. I am very happy that the 2020 FIA Karting World Championship – OK & Junior will be held in Brazil. The efforts made by the country and the state of Sao Paulo to facilitate the arrival of competitors to the Birigui circuit are to be welcomed. I am convinced that we will have an exceptional event that will be of great benefit to the karting community.

“It is important to broaden the horizons of high level karting beyond Europe.

“I wish a particularly interesting and positive 2020 season to all those who participate in this great sport and I will use all my energy to ensure that it continues to grow in the years to come.”