Extra DD2 Ticket!

Australia will get to send an extra DD2 driver to the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

Eleven seats were originally announced earlier this year (see previous post HERE), however, IKD received news overnight from Rotax that “we have gained an extra DD2 Ticket for the Rotax World Finals in 2020”.


This means Team Australia will now be a neat dozen, as per the allocation below:

  • Micro Max – 1
  • Mini Max – 1
  • Junior Max – 3
  • Rotax Light – 3
  • Rotax Heavy – 1
  • DD2 – 2
  • DD2 Masters – 1

EDIT: New Zealand drivers racing at the 2020 Rotax Pro Tour in Australia ARE eligible to win a RMCGF Ticket through the series.