Rotax Grand Final Ticket Allocations

IKD has confirmed the ticket allocations per class and that Team Australia will have 11 seats for the 2020 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals.

RMCGF Ticket Allocation Summary:

  • Micro Max – 1 seat
  • Mini Max – 1 Seat
  • Junior Max – 3 Seats
  • Rotax 125 Light – 3 Seats
  • Rotax 125 Heavy – 1 Seat
  • DD2 – 1 Seat
  • DD2 Masters – 1 Seat

“2019 saw Rotax Heavy grow steadily to becoming the second biggest class of the series” IKD posted.

“With that in mind, IKD have decided to award the 2020 winner of the Rotax 125 Heavy Championship a ticket to the Rotax World Finals in the DD2 category (Rotax 125 Heavy is not offered at the RMCGF).

Team Australia 2019. Who will make the Rotax Worlds in 2020? (pic – Coopers)

“Micro Max will receive one ticket, as will Mini Max DD2 and DD2 Masters.

“Junior Max has kept three seats and Rotax 125 Light has been awarded an extra ticket on our 2019 allocation and we will now send three Rotax 125 Light drivers to race for World Championship Status.”


To attend the RMCGF with Team Australia, drivers must race the 2020 Rotax Pro Tour Series, contested over four rounds.

Keeping with tradition the series will kick off in Port Melbourne’s Todd Road in March before heading to Ipswich in May, Sydney in July and rounding out the season on the NSW-VIC border at Albury in August.

“Tickets to this event cannot be bought and can only be earned. It is the most prestigious event around the globe & one that any past competitor will tell you, is one to aim for.

“The most common heard phrase from debutantes at the RMCGF is: ‘I cannot believe how good and how big this event is, it’s better than I expected’.

Make the Rotax World Finals your goal – Come and join the Rotax Evolution!