Musical Chairs at OTK?

Is it a case of out with one brand, in with another at OTK?

It seems that Fernando Alonso and the OTK Group have ended their collaboration, the Spaniard moving the manufacture of his machines to Dino Chiesa (think Zanardi and more recently, Kart Republic).

The French KartMag website suggests the split was over a disagreement regarding royalties.

However, speculation is that OTK might soon be offering a Vettel Kart! The Racebox website quoted a new Instagram account “Vettel Kart Official” suggesting a new product created in partnership with the OTK Group, that Vettel chassis will replace Alonso in the OTK lineup, and that an announcement will be officially made on January 17.

The OTK Group has strongly denied such suggestion.


So, we will have to wait and see if this does or does not happen…

Regardless, what is certain is that Fernando Alonso’s Mini kart for the 2020-2023 homologation will be made by Breda Racing, who manufacture Kart Republic.

This is confirmed via the CIK-FIA’s provisional equipment homologation list for this ‘new’ category (see previous post).

It is believed OTK will continue to build and supply the light blue FA Kart to FA distributors around the world through 2020 as per the homologation period which, like all the other chassis, expires on 31/12/20.

Recent ‘Alonsokart_FA’ social media photo. This is the Alonso A1 Mini kart, and it’s not an OTK chassis…