It’s A Wrap! NSW KZ2 Series

With racing completed for another year, it’s time to go through the points and round off another incredible year of racing in the NSW KZ2 Super Series

NSW KZ2 Masters Series

What a year for the Masters Series! So much action unfolded in the 2019 season, with the arrival of Greg Holden who immediately came out of the gates guns blazing, winning both Round 1 and Round 2, only to then miss Rounds 3 and 4, which put an end to his championship hopes.

The battle then came down to Craig Deans and Daniel Orsini, with both drivers exchanging positions multiple times during the season on the track, but, it was Orsini who would add his 3rd KZ2 Masters crown, while Deans and Holden would make up the rest of the podium.

2020 will be a challenging year for Orsini, as every single driver in the Masters have really started to show massive improvements in the second half of the year. Glenn Linnett on debut came home in 5th position on the points, but, the speed is coming for the #88 and the same can be said for Trevor Hall in the #2, showing great speed at both Lithgow and Griffith. Who knows what 2020 will bring us in the KZ2 Masters Series!

1st #19 Daniel Orsini (PCR/Modena) 254
2nd #25 Craig Deans (CRG/Modena) 233
3rd #21 Greg Holden (TB Kart/TM) 183
4th #2 Trevor Hall (CRG/Modena) 118
5th #88 Glenn Linnett (TB Kart/TM) 110
6th #46 Michael Pesce (CRG/Modena) 92
7th #17 Paul McKinnon (PCR/TM) 67
8th #72 Lyle Brewster (Ricciardo/Modena) 39
9th #3 Vince Arena (Zanardi/TM) 5

NSW KZ2 Super Series

We are so proud that this Series went down to the very last race of the year. The battle was on between Chris Sutherland and Dean Starling for the Super Series in 2019. It’s a real shame that we can’t hand out 2 crowns as both men really deserved to win the 2019 season. Starling, who just gets faster and faster every year and Sutherland, who is one of the most dedicated drivers in the field.


Once again, Starling has to wait another year for his crown, but, we just know there is a Super Series crown with Dean’s name on it, meaning that Sutherland became the 3rd different winner of the Super Series in our 4 year history.

Matthew Erdmann leads Christopher Sutherland and Zac Zamprogno in the opening laps of the Lithgow final

Matthew Erdmann had a year of difficult racing, but, still managed to find his way onto the podium for 2019 and we are certain that the 2016 and 2017 champion will feature in the 2020 championship.

Yu-Jin Lee capped off an incredible year of improvements to take home his best finish in the points, just shy of a podium appearance, while the ever improving Ashley Chebaia would round out the top 5 for 2019.

1st #12 Christopher Sutherland (CRG/TM) 272
2nd #4 Dean Starling (CRG/TM) 267
3rd #60 Matthew Erdmann (CRG/Modena) 235
4th #7 Yu-Jin Lee (CRG/Modena) 173
5th #52 Ashley Chebaia (TB Kart/TM) 137
6th #10 Brendon Schade (FA Kart/IAME) 58
7th #45 Brad Cady (CRG/Vortex) 48
7th #11 Zac Zamprogno (CRG/Modena) 48
9th #23 Jake Rosoman (Mad Croc/TM) 30
10th #44 Jack Lemon (Ricciardo/IAME) 22

Thanks to all our competitors for their support once again in 2019, especially to the new comers to the Series. We hope that more drivers will make their way to the KZ2 field in 2020 and join the incredible action of KZ2

Thankyou once again to our amazing 2019 sponsors, we hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as we have


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