Dalby Summer Series Final

The final round of the Dalby Noise Summer Series, which was also the last round of the Dalby club championship, was run on Saturday November 23.

Sam Hines, 3rd in 4-stroke
  • Full results can be accessed HERE (then select event “2019Nov23Round10”)
  • lots of photos are in albums on The Noise Facebook HERE.
Junior driver Lilly Shephard

Clubman Heavy
1 Joshua Betts
2 Fred Shephard
3 David Lucht

1 Craig Taylor
2 Rob Carroll
3 Sam Hines

Comer A
1 Daniel Betts
2 Lachlan Hudson

Comer A winner Daniel Betts

Comer B
1 Buddy Lowery
2 Charlie Theobald
3 Lucas Welke


Charlie Theobold, Comer B

1 Lukas Bliesner
2 Abbey McDonald
3 Alex Casey

1 Hunter Smith
2 Hollie Evans
3 Isaak Bliesner

Hollie Evans, Teenagers
Hayley Casey, Juniors

Clubman Light
1 Craig Taylor
2 Nathan Winning
3 Tom Darlington

Open Performance
1 Mark Michels
2 Leorra Devisser
3 James Evans


Fred Shephard
Micah Rodriguez, Clubman Light
Julie Andrews, Clubman Light
Wayne Gilby, Clubman Light
Russell Martin, Clubman Heavy
Buddy Lowery
Lachlan Hudson