NSW Speedway Kart Titles

by Melissa Garland, CCSKC

The Central Coast Speedway Kart Club hosted the 2019 NSW State Speedway Go Kart Titles last weekend.

The event was planned to be a two-dayer, but after weather reports of possible thunder storms, Officials decided to run the last heat and Finals into the night, under lights, on Saturday the 16th. We had seven classes competing.

KT Modified Light would be taken out by Nathan Thompson #35 chased to the line by William Stevens #5 and Jack Selmes #91 (pic – ZP Images)


In Novice, Heat 1 was won by Central Coast local, Rebecca Garland. She then did it again in Heat 2. Then we saw Tyler Teodorovic take out Heat 3, and Isaac Hensby in Heat 4.

These heats determined starting positions for the Title race with our heat winners taking out the first three positions on the grid. But this race could belong to anyone. Most of the battle was for 1st and 2nd, which was determined when Rebecca and Tyler came up to lap traffic. Tyler was victorious.

Tyler Teodorovic celebrates his KNSW Novice title (pic – ZP Images)

NSW State Title Novice: 1st = Tyler Teodorovic #2, 2nd = Rebecca Garland #28, 3rd = Isaac Hensby #41, 4th = Aidan Cox #7, 5th = Logan Carter #58, 6th = Hayden Dicker #86, DNS = Seth Reed #46.

Novice podium – 1st Tyler Teodorovic, 2nd Rebecca Garland, 3rd Isaac Hensby (pic – ZP Images)

KT Standard Heavy

Our next class was the KT Standard Heavy field. Heat 1 we saw an impressive win by Tony Ball proving that experience matters.  Heat 2 was won by Steve Hosie, our local club champ in this class. Heat 3 saw an increase in speed from the entire class and a win for Glen Tye. Heat 4 gave Steve Hosie another win.

The Title race had Steve Hosie, Daniel Selmes and Layne Stace in the first three grid positions based on their points in the heats. With only 6 out of the field of 9 finishing the race, we saw lots of smiles but also some disappointed faces, especially on our local champ Steve Hosie who experienced kart issues.

A first corner melee at the start of the KT Standard Heavy final would see a few competitors race end before the first lap was complete (pic – ZP Images)

NSW State Title KT Standard Heavy: 1st = Daniel Selmes #10, 2nd = Layne Stace # 22, 3rd = Tony Ball #19, 4th = Andrew Matthews #20, 5th = Andrew Wood #88, 6th = Scott Matthews #18, DNF = Steve Hosie #9, Kane Marshall #8, Glen Tye #28.

KT Standard Heavy podium – 1st Daniel Selmes, 2nd Layne Stace, 3rd Tony Ball (pic – ZP Images)


Then came our always entertaining Rookies class. These pocket rockets put on quite a show with Blaxx Caton taking out Heat 1. Charlie Gutsch-Berry claimed Heat 2. Bailey Carter owned Heat 3 with Blaxx Caton taking out another in Heat 4. The heat points saw Charlie Gutsch-Berry, Bailey Carter and Joey Bissett in our first three grid positions for the final race and Title honours.


Bailey Carter took a popular win in Rookies that saw most of the pits on the fence applauding his efforts (pic – ZP Images)

NSW State Title Rookies: 1st= Bailey Carter #58, 2nd= Charlie Gutsch-Berry, 3rd = Blaxx Caton, 4th = Joey Bissett, 5th = Dylan Kelly, 6th = Zane rainey, 7th = Brodie DeBone, 8th = Cameron Hedges, 9th = Jayden Genner.

Rookies podium – 1st Bailey Carter, 2nd Charlie Gutsch-Berry, 3rd Blaxx Caton (pic – ZP Images)

KT Modified Light

Back to our seniors next for the KT Modified Light class. Each heat was won by a different driver. Heat 1 win was awarded to Nathan Thompson. Heat 2 owned by William Millerd-Stevens. Heat 3 won by Jack Selmes and Heat 4 to Tim Beattie. The first three grid positions for the Title race were earned by Nathan Thompson, Tim Beattie and William Millerd-Stevens.

Nathan Thompson 2019 KT Modified Light NSW champion (pic – ZP Images)

NSW State Titles KT Modified Light: 1st = Nathan Thompson #35, 2nd = William Millerd-Stevens #5, 3rd = Jack Selmes #91, 4th = Timothy Beattie #41, 5th = Andrew Beattie #42, 6th = Sean Morley #6, 7th = Corey Schoenherr #15, DNS = Caitlin Genner #77.

KT Modified Light podium – 1st Nathan Thompson, 2nd William Stevens, 3rd Jack Selmes (pic – ZP Images)


The largest field of competitors for the day was the Juniors who gave us some nail biting racing. First up we saw Jarrod Garland start in pole position and remain there through many yellow flag restarts, taking out Heat 1. Taylor Blanch, starting in pole and remained there to do the same in Heat 2. Joel Buettel was our Heat 3 winner and Jac Laneyrie owned Heat 4.

As the heats showed, and quite a few DNFs mixed in during the heats as well, this Title could belong to any one of the 11 competitors. Points put Jac Laneyrie, Joel Buettel and Taylor Blanch in the top three grid positions for the Title race.

Jack Laneyrie would dominate proceedings in the KT Junior class but not without having to make some big moves through the heavy lap traffic (pic – ZP Images)

NSW State Titles Juniors: 1st = Jac Laneyrie #33, 2nd = Joel Buettel #29, 3rd = Jacob Hensby # 30, 4th = Luke Redding #85, 5th = Tyson Risbridger #10, 6th = Jarrod Garland #8, 7th = Riley Stewart #27, 8th = Leah Kelly #22, DNF = Taylor Blanch #2, Brayden Shute #59, Cameron Jones #76.

KT Junior podium – 1st Jack Laneyrie, 2nd Joel Buettel, 3rd Jacob Hensby (pic – ZP Images)

KT Modified Heavy

The KT Modified Heavy heats were dominated by Jack Black, winning 3 out of 4 heats. Andrew Walkerden was our other heat winner. After several DNS and DNF during the heats, points saw the Title race grid line up as Jack Black, Bradley Antsis and Toddy Maloney.

Jack Black would show complete class all weekend and stamp his authority on the KT Heavy Modified field with a near faultless weekend winning all but one of his heats and taking the final convincingly (pic – ZP Images)

NSW State Titles KT Modified Heavy: 1st =Jack Black #3, 2nd = Andrew Walkerden #92, 3rd = Brad Antsis #84, 4th = Courtney Dormer #64, 5th = Peter Ellis #43, 6th = Todd Maloney #99, 7th = Darren Gosnell #58, 8th = Max Risbridger # 5, DNF = Tony Ball #19.

KT Modified Heavy podium – 1st Jack Black, 2nd Andrew Walkerden, 3rd Bradley Antsis (pic – ZP Images)

Pro Open Light

Pro Open Light were up next. Heat 1 was taken out by Gary Morris, then he did it again in Heat 2 and Heat 3. Newcomer to the class Nathan Thompson took out Heat 4. This smaller field had Gary Morris, Nathan Thompson and Steve Jones in the top three grid positions for the Titles.

Gary Morris put in a cool and calculated drive to take home the Pro Open Light title (pic – ZP Images)

NSW State Titles Pro Open Light: 1st = Gary Morris #26, 2nd = Steve Jones #74, 3rd = Nathan Thompson #55, DNF = Alan Llewellyn.

Pro Open Light podium – 1st Gary Morris, 2nd Steven Jones, 3rd Nathan Thompson (pic – ZP Images)
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  • Our next wrap-up will be after the Central Coast Speedway Kart Club championship presentation on December 8.
The KNSW State Speedway Champions of 2019! (pic – ZP Images)
Heartbreak for Steve Hoise in the KT Standard final after checking out with a convincing lead, but having to pull to the infield 10 laps into the 20 lap event (pic – ZP Images)
Bailey Carter #58 would take charge from the front row of the Rookie final and lead the whole race convincingly leaving Charlie Gutsch-Berry #18 and Blake Caton #43 to battle it out for 2nd and 3rd in a race that would see 2nd and 3rd separated by a couple kart lengths at the end of the 20 lap event (pic – ZP Images)
Daniel Selmes brought home the KT Heavy state title (pic – ZP Images)
Rebecca Garland #28 would lead from the start for a majority of the race until lapped traffic put her in striking distance of a fast charging Tyler Teodorovic #2 (pic – ZP Images)
Tyler Teodorovic makes a decisive move around the outside of a lapped kart to put distance between him and 2nd place ultimately securing his state title victory (pic – ZP Images)