Marco Ardigò To Retire

Professional kart racer and multi European and World champion Marco Ardigò will retire from driving at the end of this year.

The factory Tony Kart Racing Team driver made the announcement on social media on Monday.

His statement, translated from Italian, is below:

I think it’s time to tell you my decision taken for a few months now.

At the end of the year I will withdraw from competitions. Sunday, September 22, 2019 I will run my last world championship, right here, where it all began, about 28 years ago.

I’m sure when I cut the finish line and I will remove my helmet it will be an emotionally very intense


I still don’t know what I’ll try; I just know that in there, hidden behind that visor, I’ve lived my world for all these. Actually, more than behind a visor I felt in front of a mirror, in my, first, right with myself. This allowed me to share with others without fear, taking me to demand a lot from myself first, as well as from others. Inside my helmet have passed so many thoughts, feelings, frustrations, joys….

I thought so much to understand what would have been the right time…. I would have wanted to choose the moment when I would still be able to give all myself physically and mentally but the truth is that there is no really right moment…. There’s only the moment.

All this in front of my audience, to the people who love me, to those who supported me with love in this long and wonderful adventure.

My route path is not over here, an equally inspiring project will be soon, and I will always be busy on the race fields, always linked to Tony Kart, always with the same hunger to face and win new challenges.

I would like to thank all the people who have been close to me and supported me in my successes and those who somehow have been part of this long journey.

It was good! Nice! Nice thank you!…… stay tuned, many news are coming soon.