Wharton’s Secret Break

It has been revealed that James Wharton competed at the Junior World Championship with a fractured arm – though it wasn’t known at the time!

James’ dad, Shane, confirmed on social media that the injury occurred during Thursday practice, but they didn’t know there was a break until they arrived back in Australia.

pic – Wharton/Facebook

“Immediately after he was in great pain and we suggested that he should pull out of the event” Ben George said on Facebook.

“He was absolutely devastated at the thought of his dream slipping away. To our surprise he decided to soldier on. He was obviously in discomfort but he wasn’t going to let us know just how much.”


The record shows Wharton had outstanding form, taking two heat wins and holding second place in the final when the engine failed.

“So off to London for some repairs!! Hopefully back in the kart before the end of the month” Shane posted.

“James certainly showed us not even a broken will stop him from racing. Commitment plus.”