Karting Quickies

News Briefs re-born? News Briefs 2.0? Nah, we’ll go with Karting Quickies, a new name for the popular News Briefs posts.

RULES – Karting NSW has adjusted 4SS class weights to improve parity in the category.

BEST ANSWER – We reckon Facebooker Joakim Granfors carries a rather positive vibe about him. In an online discussion on social media about karting costing too much, Granfors posted “The good thing is that you just have to compete against the rich people, it makes it a little bit easier than having to compete against the fast guys too“. Love it!

CRG GEAR – New merch at CRG Australia – visit sgkarts.com

HISTORY REPEATS? – Hyundai Excel racing has enjoyed a huge influx of karters the past three or four years. With various states having their own interpretations and agendas (sound familiar?), it appears that framing a rules package for 2020 is having its challenges. Facebook page Excel Racing Australia says there are currently fears there’s likely to be an additional cost of $4000 per car over the next 2 years (one-make suspension, new data loggers, standard gearshifter) plus an increase in running costs due to shorter tyre life brought on by tyre buffing.

Former kart engine builder/tuner Adam Macrow, who exited the karting industry as a result of the recent downturn, now builds and runs Excels for customers. “Karting hit rock bottom when rules were changed without consultation with what the actual karter who pay the bills wanted” he wrote on social media. “Please please don’t let this happen to this great category.”

SCREAMERS – The CIK-FIA has published the first of what is planned to be many, historical videos of karting from the past on its YouTube channel. First up, the 1996 Formula A and Formula Super A World Championships from Lonato.

HEY HEY IT’S SATURDAY – Ipswich Kart Club is planning to run ‘Saturday Night Socials’ in the later months of this year. The idea is to get more people onto the track and into the club by conducting a non-competitive track night that allows the opportunity for older karts (eg, Yamahas) to have a run. The nights will run from 5.30pm to 9.30pm and be designed “to accommodate the large number of social practising members, who just like to practice but don’t race.”

VIDEO – Factory tour, inside Vortex engines OTK

IT’S NOT CRICKET – It’s not just karting where numbers have fallen, Golf Australia admitting almost 100 clubs around Australia are on the brink of collapse due to shrinking membership. Drought has affected some, but mostly it’s people don’t have time for the game, and the game has not responded to modern lifestyle demands. However, the Bathurst club has bucked the trend…More on the ABC website HERE. The take-home point is that organisations that don’t respond to what the current consumer wants, get left behind.

ICE KID – Kimi Raikkonen’s son Robin has started karting. The 4-year-old had his first taste of four wheels on a wet track recently.

STEWARD TRAINING – AIDKA advise that Angas Go Kart Club is holding a Stewarding/Scrutineering training session on Sunday 15th September, from 9am to 12noon. If other clubs have members who wish to update their current accreditation, they are welcome to attend, and ‘newbies’ are more than welcome. To retain accreditation, members need to apply the training at least three times per year.

RULES – RKA’s wet tyre regulations for the F100 class have been updated. Wet weather tyres are restricted to MG White only and must be the new pattern, as per pic below. One set per meeting. If the track is declared wet it is then the decision of the driver if he/she wishes to run wet weather tyres.

EVENT – Many drivers still have a mathematical chance to qualify for the 2019 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Italy. “Our Grand Final double points round will be the decider. Enter online now” – IKD. Of course, the meeting is not just for those trying to make the World Final – anyone can enter and have a taste of what Pro Tour is all about.


GROW UP – There’s a number of people on Facebook who are edging closer to being blocked from commenting on our social media posts. We’ve been hiding some of their comments because they’re just not warranted. We’re all for rational, mature discussion of the topic at hand – we’re even okay for readers to post an opinion that we disagree with. But describing people mentioned in a post as tossers and the like – well, some of you really do need to grow up.

1 YEAR ON– Junior karter Fletcher Harris had an awesome opportunity recently to be interviewed by Karl Stefanovic for the “This Time Next Year” show about Fletch’s campaign in the 2018 Australian Kart Championship. Check out the video below including unbroadcast footage from the track.

EVENT – Info for the 30th annual Australasian Kart Titles at Numurkah.

DON’T DO IT – This is doing the rounds on Facebook. Not sure who the author is, but it reflects what a small number on social media are currently doing. Don’t be karting’s Dick.

DRIVER PR – Russ Occhipinti won the Non-Gearbox national superkart title for the 3rd time on the weekend at Phillip Island’s National Festival of Superkarts. Russ qualified pole and had a clean sweep of wins, but was challenged by a quality field of interstate drivers. “It’s an absolute honour to win this year as a Penrite brand ambassador and it wouldn’t have been possible without my sponsor’s, Woodgate Racing, Penrite Oils and Ace Karts,” Occhipinti said.

INTERNATIONAL MAX – Three Australians are competing in the RMC International Trophy at Le Mans this weekend. Queenslander Scott Howard (Sodi Kart, with Dale Verrall as mechanic) is racing in DD2 Masters while Dubai-based Australians Jakob and Lachlan Robinson are competing in DD2 and Senior Max respectively (on OTK). There’s also adopted Aussie Ray Yu Wang (Kosmic) having a run in Senior MAX. Follow their progress via the live results HERE.

Lachlan Robinson in action, Senior MAX

GO! – The official trailer for a new Australian-made movie based around kart racing is now public. Like most silver screen productions based around motorsport, there’s a big difference between what goes on in real life, and what happens in the movie. Regardless, let’s hope GO! gets thousands of kids excited enough to bug their folks to have a try. GO! is set for general release in cinemas during the school holidays, January 16.

GOVERNING – KartSport New Zealand is asking karters what they want. The 59th KartSport New Zealand National Conference is this weekend, and the major focus is preparing a strategy for the sport to 2025. The organisation has posted a survey online to allow members to have a voice (see the survey HERE). The feedback “will help inform the KartSport New Zealand Executive and our Club Representatives as we work on a Strategy to 2025” the organisation posted on social media.

TECH SUPPORT – AiM Sportsystems will be attending Round 5 of the Australian Karting Championship at Go Kart Club of Victoria on 30 August – 1 September. “If you require technical or product assistance feel free to contact us at the track in the AiM MyChron tent or on 0418 424 560.”

WHO’S EAR? – Hoosier Tire Australia is supporting this year’s Superkarts Australia Nationals at the Sydney Master Blast featuring the Muscle Car Masters at Sydney Motorsport Park. Hoosier will award tyres and trophies to the fastest qualifier in each of the four classes. Superkarts qualifying gets underway at 11:30am on Saturday 31 August.

DELIVERED – Order online and pick it up from the track – get your gear from the DPE Kart Superstore truck at the AKC final round at Todd Rd. Order HERE.

FFS – If the buggy is not going, get it and yourself off the track!

ENGINES & TICKETS – Remo is going to be busy handing out IAME prizes at the AKC Awards dinner in Melbourne on September 1st:


  • 1ST IAME International’s Final Arrive & Drive Package Le Mans, France – Equipment & Entry Fee
  • 2ND IAME X30 ENGINE & Free entry to IAME International Final – Le Mans France
  • 3RD IAME X30 ENGINE & $500 IAME Spare Parts Voucher


  • 1ST IAME International’s Final Arrive & Drive Package Le Mans, France – Equipment & Entry Fee
  • 2ND IAME KA100 ENGINE & Free entry to IAME International Final – Le Mans France
  • 3RD IAME KA100 ENGINE & $500 IAME Spare Parts Voucher



  • 1ST IAME International’s Final Arrive & Drive Package Le Mans, France – Equipment & Entry Fee
  • 2ND IAME KA100 ENGINE & Free entry to IAME International Final – Le Mans France
  • 3RD IAME KA100 ENGINE & $500 IAME Spare Parts Voucher