Why Race Pro Tour?

some comments from the Pro Tour Facebook page:

  • “I enjoy the Rotax racing more than the nationals”
  • “Heaps of racing, great format, and now back on the right track after a rough period. Best racing by far at this point in time”
  • “It’s all about the racer and racing… it’s not all about the event like many other meetings”
  • “It’s the best series going around, gave my son the option of which series to run and the ROTAX Pro Tour was his choice without question.”

IKD press release

In 2006 IKD become the official importer for ROTAX – New Age Karting Engines. In 2009 IKD started what was our biggest project to date, the Rotax Pro Tour.

We want to help you understand what the Rotax Pro Tour is all about as we know many drivers & teams are already making considerations for the 2020 racing season.

One thing we pride ourselves on is giving the driver ample track time across the weekend. Once the race weekend officially kicks off, we are currently giving drivers, one practice session, an 8 minute qualifying session, minimum 3 heats (dependent on format) a pre-final and final.

Our events are well known for our atmosphere. Yes drivers are racing to win, who isn’t, BUT, what sets us apart is the vibe in and around the pits. We’re racing at National level and drivers are competing for RMCGF Tickets but it is still an enjoyable environment to be involved in.


As promoters, what we love to see the most is competitive, wheel to wheel racing on track, but once the chequered flag is waved and the helmets are off, its mate-ship and we regularly see this at our events.

Our prizes cannot be matched. Each year IKD take a team of drivers to represent Australia at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Final (World Finals). We have proven over the years that Australia can well & truly take on the world. With three World Champions over the past five years, many Nations Cup podiums and strong teams contest contenders. You cannot experience this without racing the Rotax Pro Tour.

The Rotax 125 Max EVO Engine is the only engine on the market to offer a manufacture backed warranty (currently 12 months warranty).

Join the evolution of ROTAX. Join the ROTAX PRO TOUR, be part of our racing family.

We want you to experience what is Rotax racing.

We are excited to bring you more information about the 2020 season so stay tuned, but for now if we can help you out in any way, if you want more information on the events, the engine & anything in between please send “MORE INFORMATION” to 0450 542 996.