Greg Brewer: HKV’s 1st Life Member

Greg Brewer has been awarded Life Membership to Historic Karting Victoria. Brewer was presented with the membership and special life member badge at the organisation’s recent AGM.

Historic Karting Victoria supplied the following story behind the birth of HKV and Brewer’s part in it.

Greg Brewer, first Life Member of Historic Karting Victoria

Greg became interested in Vintage karting after attending a Numurkah Vintage meeting in 2008. He saw twins being run and together with meeting old friends it whetted his karting appetite again.

He tried to hunt down his previous twins but to no avail. He then set about building a twin, purchased an old twin frame and restored it to identical as possible to one of his twins he used to race (a build diary of this was featured on KartSportNews back in 2011 – see HERE). He still uses this kart at HKV practice and race days and also interstate.

When vintage karting started at Coffs Harbour in 2006 they formed a club called Vintage Historic Karting Australia under the control of AKA NSW.

Vintage karting started in Victoria around late 2006 with a few people owning and running karts. Most of these people are still involved in Vintage karting and are members of HKV, with most of them being foundation members of HKV.

Kart log books were required from October 2007 to allow vintage karts to run on AKA tracks. To acquire a log book you were required to be a member of VHKA. But to run on an AKA track you required a Victorian licence so you had to also join a Victorian club.

In early 2010 a group of Victorian vintage karters wanted to be independent of the VHKA club in NSW and try and negotiate with the VHKA that being a member of HKV would mean you only had to be a member of one club, log books still issued by VHKA and licences be issued through the club in Victoria.


A meeting of all interested persons was arranged and held at Rod Clarke’s workshop. Greg was requested to continue his work in forming a Vintage club in Victoria.

In August 2010 Greg addressed a VKA monthly meeting to outline the information regarding forming at Vintage Kart Club. It was requested that a vintage club be formed and affiliated with the VKA. They were advised that the club did not want a vote on the VKA only its members to be able to apply for a non-race vintage licence. The VKA accepted Greg’s proposal. Greg attended VKA meetings after HKV was established to keep them informed of HKV’s progress.

Greg had a lot of strong resistance to forming a Vintage club for Victoria both personally and on social media.

Historic Karting Victoria was the name given to the club by Greg.

On the 19th April 2011 a meeting was called and 16 interested persons attended and became foundation members of which 13 are still members of HKV. The meeting was chaired by then-VKA president Dave Murray at which it was agreed to form Historic Karting Victoria. Office bearers were elected of which Greg became HKV’s first secretary. As secretary, Greg organised the incorporation of the club, together with obtaining the HKV constitution and doing all the things a new club required which involved quite a bit of work and time.

Greg is a current HKV member and attends night meetings and race and practise days in Victoria and interstate as a competitor or spectator.

As HKV is now 8 years old and has evolved into the biggest Vintage kart club in Australia, it is now time for us to start awarding life memberships to members who have contributed to HKV.

Without Greg’s determination and hard work in forming HKV we would not have the club we have today, therefore it is appropriate that Greg be made the first life member of HKV.