New Line of CRG Chassis

SGK has revealed a new line of CRG chassis. The new line includes updates to both chassis and accessories.


The CRG Hero has received updates to the chassis design.

The changes move the centre of gravity forward, increases the amount the kart jacks as well as reducing grip, making it faster as the rubber goes down.

The CRG Hero features V06 self-adjusting brakes with floating light weight disc, adjustable foot stop, angled steering boss, new multi-hold steering height adjustment and Sniper caster camber adjusters.

The 2019 CRG Hero currently leads the Australian Kart Championship (driver: Alex Ninovic).


The CRG KT3 is a 28/30mm chassis. The kart is designed for KA4 and Junior drivers who have out grown the 101mm chassis, as well as KA3.

Features are: 28/30mm chassis, V11 self-adjusting brake system with light weight floating brake disc, 25mm stub axles, 50mm axle and NA3 Bodywork.

The KT3 uses the low-mount bearing system which helps release grip. This is especially effective with lower powered classes such as KA4 and KA3.


The highly successful CRG KT2 has just been made better with an exciting new innovation.


The new GLM bearing system allows you to adjust the wheelbase 5mm forward and 5mm back. This can also be done in three heights.

The shorter wheelbase is particularly useful on short and tight tracks as it makes the kart more nimble and more free off the turn.

The longer wheelbase is particularly useful on longer fast corners where it adds stability.

The KT2 also features improved braking grip, lighter componentry, new multi-hole steering height adjustment and magnesium components.


CRG’s most successful chassis.

The 2019 Road Rebel will also receive the GLM adjustable rear wheelbase. This has been done to assist the driver with high wearing tyres.

As the rear tyres get older in the second or third heat, the driver will have the ability to lengthen the wheelbase to assist in gaining more stability and traction.

They can then adjust it back when they put the new tyres on for the final. The GLM system also offers improved braking grip.