X30 Upgrade Already Done

Australian X30 drivers, don’t be alarmed by this video about a 2019 upgrade from IAME for your engine.

IAME has made it mandatory to use this conversion kit for the 2019 IAME Euro series. It comprises a new exhaust manifold, muffler and airbox. However, we’re already using this exhaust system and there is no requirement for Australia to change airbox.

“We were one of the pioneer countries, along with France and the UK, to bring this in” Remo Luciani told KartSportNews.

“We introduced this in December 2017 so (it’s) nothing new for Australia – we have been using it throughout 2018 and 2019.”


The upgrade is to primarily address noise outputs, a key issue in the UK and French markets. But it also makes the category easier as there’s no more exhaust flex length to tune.

Remo said there is no need for the airbox upgrade as the current ‘square’ box in Australia meets the same noise targets as what IAME’s new one does.

For the sake of interest, here’s an IAME video about a new Tillotson butterfly diaphragm carb for the X30 Shifter: