Qld Superkarts Kick Off at Morgan Park

by Timothy Weier

The Queensland Superkart Club descended on Morgan Park for round 1 of the 2019 Series and we were greeted with spectacular Queensland weather for Friday practice with lots of people busy learning the track and sorting out new packages for the season. The weather turned though come Saturday morning with racing even suspended at one point due to the rain.

Tim Weier leading Johnny La Spina (pic – Chiara La Spina)

Qualifying saw some very tricky conditions for divers to negotiate, Russell Jamieson piloted his DEA powered Anderson to pole from Johnny La Spina in his Honda powered PVP, Timothy Weier was next in his GAS GAS powered Anderson. Jon Bothamely was 4th and the first of the 125 nationals in his Pavesi powered F1 Chassis, followed close behind was Doug Amiss in a brand new Anderson/TM combo and Scott Jamieson in the hunt as well. 125 TAG Light saw peter Nuske edge Leighton Cook and Benjamin Longland while TAG Heavy saw Nicholas Marshall leading the way from David Dyson and Bob larance.

125 National – 1 Doug Amiss, 2 Scott Jamieson, 3 Jon Bothamely (pic – Chiara La Spina)

Race 1 saw the pole man Russell disappear off into the distance but the battle behind was hotting up with Johnny la Spina making a break followed by Jon Bothamely and Tim Weier in 4th suffering from some engine issues. After a few laps everyone settled into a rhythm which saw Tim catch and pass both Jon and Johnny before a late race spin nearly handed 2nd place back to Johnny. Jon Bothamely 4th would comfortably lead home the other 125’s in the tricky conditions. Peter Nuske took out TAG Light from Ben Longland and Leighton Cook both Ben and Leighton have closed the gap to Peter since last season making for some entertaining racing. David Dyson led home the TAG heavies in his X30 powered kart from Nick Marshall and Bob Larance. The 85cc Junior class saw both entrants Bayley Douglas and Jack Westbury DNF

Peter Nuske leads Bayley Douglas (pic – Chiara La Spina)

Race 2 Sunday morning saw cool dry conditions greet the competitors and this caught a few out with jetting. Russell Jamieson continued his winning run for the weekend followed by Tim and Johnny. Doug Amiss was starting to get his new Anderson sorted bringing it home 1st in 125 National from Scott Jamieson and Jon Bothamely. Brian Wild (N&G Motors who generously sponsored the garages for the weekend) engaged in a hard fought battle with old rival/friend Steve Cloake in which Brian hung on for the win.


250 National – 1 Tim Weier, 2 Johnny La Spina (pic – Chiara La Spina)

12 TAG Light saw Leighton really starting to challenge the master that has been Peter Nuske. Pete showed why he is the master of the TAG class but watch this space as the other boys are hard on his heels. 125 TAG Heavy saw Nick and Bob never more than a few kart lengths apart with Nick snagging his second win for the weekend over Bob, race 1 winner David Dyson was a DNF after a sieze. Bayley Douglas sorted his engine issues out and mixed it with the TAG lights all race, Jack Westbury again suffered a DNF.

Doug Amiss followed by Scott Jamieson (pic – Chiara La Spina)

Race 3 with Russell out due to ignition issues this left the 250 Nats of Tim Weier and Johnny La Spina to duke it out at the front. Johnny threw a new set of Dunlops at his PVP which netted a near 2 second a lap gain which had him pushing Tim all the way to the flag. Tim only getting the win by 0.07! Yes it was that close. Doug Amiss continued to tune the new package getting the win in class comfortably from Scott Jamieson and Jon Bothamely who was suffering from a wrist injury hampering his speed. Steve Cloake would get the better of Brian this time in the fight for 250 International supremacy. Bayley Douglas was next leading home Leighton Cook after Peter Nuske threw a chain and was stranded on the side of the track. Bob Larance managed to get the better of Nick Marshall for the first time all weekend. Jack Westbury finally managed to get some track time bringing his 85cc kart home 15th overall.

TaG Light – 1st Peter Nuske, 2nd Leighton Cook, 3rd Ben Longland (pic – Chiara La Spina)

Race 4, the Coach Design DEA/Anderson was out for good with ignition issues. So again that left Tim and Johnny at the front, Tim having bolted new Hoosiers on to avoid the risk of Johnny getting so close this time. For the early laps Johnny was all over him, even showing the nose a few times. A mistake over at T-junction saw Johnny into the lead briefly until Tim took it back under brakes into Gumtree by this point his new tyres were up to temp and he slowly started to stretch the gap getting the in by over 4 seconds.

TaG Heavy – 1 Nick Marshall, 2 Bob Iarance, 3 David Dyson (pic – Chiara La Spina)

Doug Amiss once again proved too hot to handle in the 125 national coming home 3rd overall (is this an ominous sign for the year ahead) Scott Jamieson and Jon Bothamely were 4th and 5th overall. Brian wild once again got the better of Steve to take out 250 International for the weekend. Bayley Douglas in the 85cc Junior class was on song taking the fight to Peter Nuske and Leighton Cook, ben unfortunately had a DNF after an attempted pass went wrong. Nick would get his revenge to beat Bob and David Dyson hom in TAG Heavy.

250 International – 1 Brian Wild, 2 Steve Cloake, 3 Russel Jamieson (pic – Chiara La Spina)

The Series moves onto Queensland Raceway next on the 4th-5th of May so if you’re interested come and check it out!! We also have our next junior come and try day for kids aged 12-17 on the 20th of April get in contact with the club for more info.


85cc Gearbox – 1 Bayley Douglas, 2 Jack Westbury (pic – Chiara La Spina)