Industry: Corsa Karts in Australia

Haase Srl in Italy has issued a statement regarding service, sales and spare parts for Corsa Racing Karts in Australia.

Industry Statement

Haase Srl wishes to inform the Australian Karting industry that on the 4th January 2019, DPE Kart Technology Pty Ltd relinquished its right as the Australian distributor for Corsa Racing Kart.

DPE Kart Technology Pty Ltd inherited the Corsa Racing Kart brand amongst others, through its acquisition in early 2018 of Kerbrider, who sold and supported the Corsa Racing Kart brand very successfully.

It must be made perfectly clear, the decision by DPE Kart Technology Pty Ltd to relinquish its right for distribution was purely a business decision and is by no means a reflection of the quality of our products, second to none, support and the excellent service that Corsa Racing Kart always provided.


Corsa Racing Kart is now looking for a new importer and distributor in Australia for its chassis brand.

In the meantime, in order to continue to provide service, sales and spare parts to all Corsa Racing Kart customers you can contact Haase Karts Australia: Mr. Adam Fletcher @ Haase Karts Australia on 0418 524 312.

On behalf Corsa Racing Kart I would like to personally thank all of our supporting customers and we look forward to sharing your success in the future.

Jorn Haase