CIK-FIA Best Of: James Geidel, RGMMC Group

from CIK-FIA

RGMMC Group was chosen by the FIA ​​at the end of 2017 as the Official Promoter of the European and FIA Karting World Championships from 2018 to 2020 (with the exception of Superkart and Endurance), to succeed WSK Promotion which had successfully completed this task from 2013 to 2017. James Geidel, President of RGMMC Group takes stock of this first year.

pic – CIK/FIA

“The 2018 season has been a great experience for RGMMC as a company, but also for me personally. Looking back at this season of competition, I can say that I am satisfied with the way the year has ended and that I look forward very positively with great motivation to the future of the FIA ​​Karting Championships. During the two spectacular and very attractive events of the FIA ​​Karting World Championships in Genk and Kristianstad, the organisers did a remarkable job in the field, at the height of the true potential of Karting. This sport needs ever more active promotion to offer quality entertainment to more spectators. VIP hosting for outside partners, entertainment in the paddock, entertainment and a thrilling Sunday show at Finales have been a major success for Karting with more than 4,000 spectators around the track.


The racing season has from start to finish seen a real roller coaster of excitement, surprises and dramas. From the height of the KZ category to the youth of the Academy, no one has been able to predict the end result of these intense confrontations. With the Drivers Pesentation under fireworks, last-minute victories, and flamboyant celebrations under the chequered flag, I will never forget this first year of FIA Karting Championships as a Promoter, which will remain in my memory with great joy and emotion.

I would like to congratulate all the Drivers and Teams Championships winners and to thank all participants in the European and FIA Karting World Championships. Last but not least, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of this FIA Karting season, both on the track and behind the scenes, whose work and efforts have made it possible to carry out these Competitions.

I thank you all and look forward to seeing you again in 2019!”