2019 Karting Australia Manual

Karting Australia has published the 2019 Australian Karting Manual.

With a focus of maintaining consistency from year to year, there are minimal major changes to the rules for the upcoming year.

Karting Australia Chief Executive Officer Kelvin O’Reilly indicated the majority of adjustments in the 2019 rules include a significant focus on Club Level Competition.

“The publication of the 2019 Australian Karting Manual is the finalisation of many months of work by Club and State representatives, the Rules Review Committee and Karting Australia staff. All of which followed the rule request changes submitted by the licence holders through their clubs and the karting industry,” said O’Reilly.

“We’ve focused on improving the rules and opportunities of development for the Club Level of our sport while also providing more flexibility in terms of tyres and focusing on the social and fun aspects of karting.”


The major highlights for any changes in the rules for 2019 include:

  • The introduction of a controlled Cadet 4SS class to provide a simple, low cost entry to the sport.
  • Option tyres able to be used under State Regulations in Club and Zonal competition.
  • The MG AZ (Red) tyre has been implemented as the ‘Prime’ tyre for the TaG 125 Class, with the MG FZ (Yellow) remaining as the ‘Option’ tyre.
  • The introduction of rules for Teams Racing to be contested in conjunction with regular Club level events, or as stand alone events in their own right.
  • The introduction of Kart Fun Sessions – organised social karting, where Clubs are encouraged to have dedicated events to encourage the social aspect of the sport.
  • An adjustment of the minimum weights in the TaG 125 class in the interests of parity.
  • The introduction of weight divisions in the Senior 4SS class, including the option of utilizing the Torini Supermaxx engine for the Heavy class.
  • A new Yamaha class has been created to allow for the older engines to be used in their own class at Club and Zonal competition.
  • Clarification of the front fairing rule for when a penalty is to be applied;
  • The upgrading of the medical declaration in accordance with the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport recommendations. This includes the requirement for a general medical to accompany an A Grade Licence renewal.
  • A and B Grade licence holders are eligible to receive points and/or prizes in the Restricted 125 class.
  • The introduction of the CIK Circuit Starting Grid at all circuits.
  • Clarification on the amount of time a driver is provided to leave the Out Grid area.
  • The ability for States to introduce the Full Course Yellow procedure, as used successfully in the National Championship and Series over the past few years, in their State Regulations.

For a summary of the changes to the 2019 Australian Karting Manual please click here.

The 2019 Australian Karting Manual can be downloaded at www.karting.net.au/rules with printed versions to be distributed to all licence holders early in 2019.