KA Tyre Preference Poll

Karting Australia today communicated with its licence holders regarding tyres for 2019 and 2020.

The organisation has conducted tyre testing with a number of different compounds on tracks with various surfaces, and is now asking karters about their preferred compounds, based on the table below.

There will be no change in brand for each group of classes (as per contract), but there’s an alternative harder (and, presumably, longer wearing) option up for consideration – a new YNL compound from Bridgestone, the DFH by Dunlop and MG’s popular Red tyre.

The poll is for KA licence holders who will need to declare their club, name and KA licence number to participate.

  • As a point of interest, KartSportNews ran an independent poll about option tyres back in July – see the survey question HERE, and the results analysis HERE.




from Karting Australia

Further to advice through various communication channels over the past few months, Karting Australia requests your input on the tyre preferences used in competition.

This poll comes following further testing and evaluation on abrasive tracks, which has enabled us to reach a a final position to present to you – the Licence Holder.

A separate poll will be distributed to Clubs and State Associations in the coming days.

The results of the polls will be presented to the Karting Australia Board in the form of the draft 2019 Rules.

  • Click HERE to participate