Karting NSW No Longer Interested in KA

Karting NSW has stated publicly there is a motion on the books that it is no longer wanting to be a part of Karting Australia.

The state association recently held its AGM and posted a report of the meeting on social media.

That post is re-published below:

The Future for Karting in NSW is bright.

Recently the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Karting NSW was conducted with a huge club presence.

Clubs sent representatives and observers at a level never seen at an AGM previously. The AGM opened quickly and smoothly outlining the last twelve months of operation.

The main body of the meeting straight after is where the clubs went into overdrive and were eager to listen to the board’s findings and recommendations.

50% of the skills-based board were up for re-election. They were voted back in to a standing ovation. One due for re-election was Chairman Dave Filipetto.


“It’s an important time and the sport is at a crossroads. I’m honoured to be re-elected, we have a lot of work ahead of us to make karting great in NSW again, and I know the whole board is up to the challenge and looking forward to it” stated Filipetto.

The major agenda item was Karting NSW’s affiliation to Karting Australia.

Many things were discussed, and much factual information was put to the member clubs to consider. This ultimately led to a motion from the floor to lodge a motion of no confidence in the CEO and board of Karting Australia.

This also included a motion of no longer wanting to be a part of Australian Karting Association Limited (Trading as Karting Australia).

“We will however remain a part of Australian Karting Association Incorporated (AKA).” stated Filipetto. “AKA is the custodian of the National Track Development Fund (TDF). Karting NSW has a huge amount of members’ money in the TDF. We have tracks in NSW that could utilize those funds but since the purported transfer of the TDF to KA, the fund is getting fat and the tracks are not getting developed”

Karting NSW is in a unique position where they are the State Sporting Organisation (SSO) appointed by the NSW Office of Sport and have been for some time. For the average karter – things will change – Karting will become more affordable and refocused back on participation as a family sport. Racing will continue as normal and tracks will continue to operate.

It’s good times ahead in NSW – time to drag you’re clubman or J out of the shed and come retro racing with Karting NSW.



1 thought on “Karting NSW No Longer Interested in KA”

  1. I was at the meeting and was EXTREMELY impressed by the professionalism and the skill set of the ” Karting NSW ” Board.

    In 20 years of going to AKA / SKC / NKC / KA meetings, I have never seen a standing ovation. This is how rapt we all were.

    In the last 5 years “Karting Australia” has done a very poor job, numbers down 35%, costs up, and many unanswered questions, on questionable dealings. Now, times up.

    “Karting Australia” has had their go, now it’s time for a change.

    “Karting NSW” have the right idea, a exit plan, the cash flow, the members behind them and my full support.

    Martin Brien

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