KA Statement: TaG 125 Parity

Karting Australia advises of a minor adjustment to the weights within the TaG 125 Classes and Divisions.

These adjustments have been made after assessing various data from results and consultation with the importers of the most used engines in the Class, along with information from leading competitors and independent industry members. They recognise that some performance upgrades have been made to some of the TaG engines in recent months.

The adjustments approved at the most recent Karting Australia Board Meeting are:

TaG 125


  • IAME X30 – No change
  • PRD Galaxy – 3kg increase to the minimum weight
  • Rotax EVO – 5kg reduction to the minimum weight
  • All other eligible engines – No change

The implementation date will be Monday July 16.

There will be no change at this point in time to the Class Rules for the TaG 125 Restricted Class.

Karting Australia will continue to actively monitor the performance of the engines closely and assess any adjustments that may be required. Any adjustments made will be made in the interests of ensuring that, as best we are able, engines are equal in performance across the TaG 125 group of Classes.



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