Could Less Be More For Ballarat Club?

Ballarat Kart Club is changing the way it schedules race meetings.

Like many regional kart clubs at the moment, Ballarat has struggled to get acceptable numbers to conduct basic club days. Many race days have been cancelled when the club makes a decision based on CMS entry numbers prior to the race weekend.

The club is planning to schedule less events, but regardless of entry numbers prior, will run these scheduled events regardless.

The club has published the following on it’s website:

We are aware that the current method of requiring 15 pre-entries by Wednesday night is not working as intended; we have ended up cancelling too many events.


As a result we are changing our calendar to have less events – but those that are planned will go ahead in all but exceptional circumstances.

We have a mix of racers in our club:

  • There are local new drivers who need club day practice and experience.
  • There are karters who run bigger events (VCS, AKC etc) that rarely have time for a club day.
  • There are many E license holders that we rarely see, and you are part of our club too.
  • There are several members who still have a Yamaha S that we rarely see.
  • There are local drivers who don’t travel to other clubs.

This makes it very difficult to form a club day and give the new racers the experience they need – it also hurts ability to attract potential new members at a club day.

We are looking at several changes for the rest of 2018 to test for 2019

  • June club day will NOT run – We know several of you will go to Warrnambool for practice for the VCS, and we encourage all members to come down so we are together and support neighbouring VCS clubs.
  • We are looking at options for July to support all our different license holder types (Practice, historic, yamahas etc) – This will likely be a “test and tune day” – but we have options these days with the timing system for some friendly/fun winter games
  • Plans for Aug to Nov are still to be finalised, but we are looking at 2-3 club days in that period with the better weather – We are looking at what options we have to modify the club day format to be more inclusive of our different member types.

If you have any thoughts let us know – either publicly via Facebook, or email

It’s your club – and we want to see your kart on the track instead of home in the shed.