Newcastle Series Round 4 + TaG Super Series

by Maddie Hill

On Sunday April 8th, Newcastle Kart Racing Club held its fourth round of the Club Championship and a round of the Tag Super Series under the computer grid format.

The day saw 102 competitors (entered only by Pre-Entries) start the day with a 4 minute carby session, then two 8 lap heats, one 10 lap heat and one 12 lap final, with the final results being determined by all points count.

TaG 125 Light – Joshua Seiffert, Reece Cohen, Zachary Heard (pic – Maddie Hill)

There was some extremely close racing all day throughout the classes. In Cadet 9, Basilio Micale ran and won his own race, after being mixed in with the Cadet 12s.

In Cadet 12, Jack Childs cleaned up in heat one and two after winning both races, but wasn’t so lucky with Jordan Shalala winning heat three and Macka Hazard winning the final, but still managed to win the day on points.

Cadet 12 – Jack Childs, Luke Kirchner, Jordan Shalala (pic – Maddie Hill)

In KA4 Junior Light, the battle between Riccardo D’Este, Harri Mitchell, Tyron Wiseman and Lawson Latham was unreal, changing positions multiple times throughout every race. Harri Mitchell ended up on top of the podium, Riccardo D’Este in 2nd, Lawson Latham in 3rd and Tyron Wiseman in 4th and not far behind.


Rory Hughes had a cracking day in KA4 Junior Heavy, winning all races besides heat 2, which was cleaned up by Tyler Brown. Two brothers, Taylor and Bailey Hazard had a close day in KA2, with Taylor winning Heat 1, Heat 2, and the final, but being beaten by his brother in Heat 3 after a DNF cost him the win, but came out on the top step anyway.

KA3 Senior Light was the race to watch, with leaders changing all day and a constant battle pack in every race. Matthew Hill won Heat 1, Matthew Waters took out Heat 2 & 3 and Daniel Austin won the final, with Matthew Waters coming out on top for the day.

KA3 Senior Light – Kody Garland, Jake Horsey, Ryan Hughes (pic – Maddie Hill)

That saw out the end of the club day, and into the Tag Super Series.

TaG 125 Restricted Light was an interesting race, with everyone besides the winner being inconsistent with their results. Matt Kenneth came out on top with a clean sweep in all 4 races, with Brad Caldon and Wade Hayward not far behind.

TaG 125 Restricted Light – Matt Kenneth, Wade Hayward, Brad Caldon, Chloe Wright, Beau Halliday, Amy Bregonje, Brad Tooth (pic – Maddie Hill)

In TaG 125 Restricted Medium, Sam Taylor had another clean sweep, with Shane Tate taking out the day in Tag 125 Restricted Heavy.

Tag 125 Light was a close race all day, with Reece Cohen coming out on top, closely followed by Kody Garland in 2nd and Zachary Heard in 3rd.

KA4 Junior Light – Riccardo D’Este, Tyron Wiseman (pic – Maddie Hill)

Cadet 9 – Basilio Micale 1st
Cadet 12 – Jack Childs 1st, Jordan Shalala 2nd, Macka Hazard 3rd
KA4 Junior Light – Harri Mitchell 1st, Riccardo D’Este 2nd, Lawson Latham 3rd
KA4 Junior Heavy – Rory Hughes 1st, Tyler Brown 2nd, Luke Jamieson 3rd
KA3 Senior Light – Matthew Waters 1st, Thomas Davies 2nd, Daniel Austin 3rd
KA3 Senior Medium – Daniel Ferry 1st, Christopher Weir 2nd, Dean Vinson 3rd
Tag 125 Restricted Light – Matthew Kenneth 1st, Brad Caldon 2nd, Wade Hayward 3rd
Tag 125 Restricted Medium – Sam Taylor 1st, Aaron Wasley 2nd, Scott Karuso 3rd
Tag 125 Restricted Heavy – Shane Tate 1st, Benjamin Powell 2nd, Scott Dalton-Kirby 3rd


KA2 – Bailey Hazard, Taylor Hazard (pic – Maddie Hill)
KA3 Senior Medium – Angus Mclean, Jack Stocker, Trent McMillan (pic – Maddie Hill)
KA4 Junior Heavy – Luke Jamieson, Matthew Barrett, Winston Van Laarhoven (pic – Maddie Hill)
TaG 125 Restricted Medium – Joshua Redman and Harley Kremer (pic – Maddie Hill)