Coffs’ Easter Classic / State Cup Shakedown

from Troy Brown

Amazing weather greeted competitions at the Coffs Harbour Easter Classic State Cup.

Run on the same format as the upcoming NSW State Titles, the hot weather, sticky track and long races were going to be a challenge.

The track proved to be fast for Friday’s practice and that spilled over into Saturday’s Qualifying with a number of lap records getting broken.

Results (full results on speedhive HERE):

TAG 125 Light
1. Kody Garland
2. Oscar Priest
3. James Adams

KA4 JUN Light
1. Joshua Kerin
2. Kurtis Tennant
3. Ash Campbell


KA4 Jun Heavy
1. Jude Bargwanna
2. Lewis Buhagiar
3. Macey Cluderay

Cadet 12 on the grid prior to the Final – Braith Santin (18) on P2 with Kye Suffolk (94), Drew Bidner (4) and Seth Brown (5).

KA3 Sen Med
1. Matthew Piper
2. Angus Mclean
3. Chris Weir

Cadet 9
1. Jake Santin
2. Riley Blaxell
3. Basilio Micale

KA3 Senior Light
1. Ben Ford
2. Jackson Souslin- Harlow
3. Jake Horsey

KA3 Senior on the grid

1. Cameron McPherson

TAG RES Medium
1. Gerald Cluderay
2. Winston Heywood
3. Elwyn Garrard

TAG 125 Heavy
1. Michael Dorman
2. Michael Shearer
3. Joseph Woodcock

KA3 Junior had really spread out after 22 laps. This is Zane Morrison chasing the pack.

KA3 Jun
1. Thomas Hayman
2. George Mawad
3. Beau Pronesti

Cadet 12
1. Jack Childs
2. Marshall Crofts
3. Seth Brown


The Coffs track is ready for round 1 of the NSW State Titles at the end of April.
Seth Brown showing how the local Cadets do it, here chasing Basilio Micale (27)
Tent city and blue sky