Gippsland’s March Club Day

With next weekend’s Australian Grand Prix running on the traditional ‘last Sunday of the month’ date for club race day, the Gippsland club held its March races one week early.

Competitors got to race in almost every condition conceivable, from overcast to damp, then drenched with high winds, to brilliant sunshine to finish off (and dry out!) the day.

All classes got three heats and a final with overall points deciding the day.

KA4 Juniors in the wet, Heavy winner Riley Jabke (44), Billy Bishop (12), Light winner Bailey Collins (96) and Bodhi Bright (14)  (pic – Steve Dansie)
TaG R Light winner Ross Stubbs ahead of Heavy winner David Musgrave (9), Toby Clifton (14) and Scott Armstrong (pic – Steve Dansie)


Cadet 9
1 Lewis Armstrong
2 Ryan Wyhoon
3 Cody Boys

Cadet 12
1 Harrison Ludlow
2 Harrison Sarton
3 Brodie Sarton

Cadet 9, Ryan Wyhoon on two wheels(!) ahead of Cody Boys (pic – Steve Dansie)
Harrison one-two in Cadet 12, H Ludlow (23) edging out H Martin (88) (pic – Steve Dansie)

KA3 Light
1 Samuel Downing
2 Christian Viggiano
3 Zane Bright

KA3 Medium
1 Ben Chapman
2 Ryan Aitken
3 Nathan Higginson


Damp track action, KA3 Medium winner Ben Chapman leads Ryan Aiken and Mark Wicks (pic – Steve Dansie)

KA4 Junior Light
1 Bailey Collins
2 Owen Pettigrew
3 Kait Martin

KA4 Junior Heavy
1 Riley Jabke
2 Bodhi Bright
3 Billy Bishop

Sam Downing enjoyed a clean sweep of KA3 Light, but the win was not without its moments! (pic – Steve Dansie)

TaG Heavy
1 Geoff Wyhoon
2 Travis Chapman

TaG Light
1 Curt Sera
2 Daryl Belskyj
3 Troy Alger

TaG Light, Curt Sera leads Daryl Belskyj and Troy Alger (pic – Steve Dansie)

TaG Restricted Medium
1 David Musgrave
2 Scott Armstrong
3 Travis Warren

TaG Restricted Light
1 Ross Stubbs
2 Robert Clark
3 Joshua Hayward

New kart for Travis Chapman, here ahead of Geoff Wyhoon, TaG Heavy (pic – Steve Dansie)