Sale’s World Record for Uncle Stu

Tasmanian karter Jake Sale broke a karting world record on the weekend and is hoping it will be recognised as an official Guinness World Record.

He broke the record (1361.09 km) for the longest distance in 24 hours in a gokart at 8:30 am Sunday morning at the Circular Head Kart Club’s Smithton circuit. He completed a few more laps to create a new benchmark of 1378.46 km.

“It was both the best and worst 24 hours of my life” he posted on social media.

“Having gone into shock at around 2:15 this morning, recovering from that and trying to muster up the strength for the final 100 laps, near misses with wildlife, being sick in my helmet plus more…”

Jake at the end of a mammoth effort (pic – Renee Marj Chettle)

Jake made the attempt to help raise funds for his Uncle’s cancer treatment.

“We recently found out that Stu’s esophageal cancer has recurred and doctors have advised that after the current chemo finishes he will need immunotherapy treatment” he wrote on Facebook.

“For whatever reason (I question why), immunotherapy isn’t covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme nor is it covered by private health insurance.”

“The unofficial record now stands at 1378.464 km. We will upload all the evidence to Guinness for it to (hopefully) become an official world record!” he added.


“I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of help we have received. Both financially and physically.

“I would like to pass on a special thanks to all our volunteers for everything you did. This record is as much yours as mine, there is absolutely no way we could have achieved what we did without you guys. I am forever in your debt.

“To all our sponsors and those who donated. Thank you so much, without any of you there is absolutely no chance this would have went ahead.

“I would also like to pass on a special thanks to the Circular Head Kart Club and greater community. You guys went above and beyond to accommodate us during the attempt.

“Right now, I can barely move. But to do this attempt in My uncle Stu’s honor definitely makes it all worthwhile.”

  • Want to donate? The 24-Hours for Stu GoFundMe page is HERE


Above: Video of the moment Jake surpassed the existing record

Above: Almost 1500 laps down and 1300 to go!