Four-Stroke Class to Roll on Vega Rubber


EDIT by KSN 12/12/17: IKD has advised a full set of Vega VAH is $244. Individual tyres are $61 each, regardless of front or rear.

The recent announcement of the introduction of the 4-Stroke Sprint (4SS) Class into Karting Australia Club Level Competition in 2018, has created a lot of excitement in the karting community.

The first shipment of Briggs & Stratton 206 engines is expected to land in Australia this week, at the same time the initial batch of Torini 210 Clubmaxx engines are beginning to be distributed across the Country.

In the initial announcement it was made clear that the 4SS Class would compete on a hard compound tyre.

The slick tyre that has been chosen for use in Competition in 2018 is the Vega VAH tyre. Vega will also supply the W2 wet tyre for Competition use. These are separate to the tyres that will be permitted for use in 4SS social karting.

The slick tyre that has been chosen for use in 4SS Competition is the Vega VAH (pic – supplied by Karting Australia)

“It is important to have a quality tyre for use in Competition and in the Vega VAH we have got that,” said Karting Australia CEO Kelvin O’Reilly.

The 4SS tyres will be distributed in Australia by International Karting Distributors who will also distribute the Briggs and Stratton 206 engines.


“The introduction of the 4SS Class into Australian competition is very exciting. The interest level from the karting community has been incredible and now that we can confirm the Vega tyre will used in Club Competition throughout 2018 it puts into the place the final piece in the puzzle,” said International Karting Distributor Managing Director Ian Black.

“The Vega VAH tyre has been well-proven in 4-Stroke racing throughout America and Canada over the past few years and compliments the level of wear and performance that will be expected from Competitors in the 4SS Class here in Australia.”

In a further emphasis on the 4SS Class being focused on grass roots participation, Karting Australia has also confirmed that drivers can utilise any of the 12 approved Karting Australia tyres on a 4SS Kart for social karting and practice outside of race meetings.

“The 4SS Class is focused on grassroots and providing people with the opportunity to experience the sport of karting at a low-cost,” said O’Reilly.

“It bridges the gap between rental karts and thoroughbred 2 stroke karting and provides a cost-effective entry point into karting competition.

“By allowing any of the 12 Karting Australia approved tyres to be used for practice outside of race meetings it will provide a use for second-hand tyres from other Classes, therefore reducing costs.”

The list of Karting Australia approved slick tyres able to be used on 4SS Karts outside of race meetings includes:


  • Apexis – APH3 (Rhino)
  • Bridgestone – DR10 YLR ROK
  • Dunlop – DFM, DFH, SL1A, SL6A
  • MG – HZ Option (Red/White), FZ Prime (Yellow)
  • Mojo – D2, D3, D4
  • Vega – VAH