The 2018 CRG Chassis

After a stellar 2017 race season, CRG unveils the 2018 range of karts

2018 will see many updates to the CRG line including Brake Systems, Bodywork, Steering, plus a whole new and exciting look and several technical updates.

2018 will see a whole new look for the CRG Chassis Line. The new graphics receive several outstanding design features and a matt finish.

There is a new homologation for the front spoiler which has been made wider. The spoiler also incorporates thinner and softer materials to reduce weight and absorb the intensity of minor contact.

CRG frames will now be supplied with a ‘Matt Black’ finish. The effect is superior.

The new 8.5ltr ‘Fume’ fuel tank comes in a titanium colour. Designed to reduce the effect of discolouration and staining of the normal white tanks, the new colour assists in
keeping your kart looking good for longer. The transparency remains just enough.

A 3.5Ltr version is also available and will be fitted to cadet and junior karts as standard.

The new brake systems for TaG & KZ chassis will be known as Ven11. The new system incorporates new brake discs that include improved ventilation holes and linear design. The diameter of the rear disc has been increased to 192mm and 154mm for the front disc. The larger ventilation holes also offer reduced weight. There are also new orange brake pads which, combined with the new discs, offer more effective braking as well as a better feeling at the brake pedal for the driver.


There will also be an option for a super light disc. This brake disc has all the enhancements of the Ven11 disc but with a reduced diameter. At 181mm, this disc is mainly designed for junior classes.


CRG have continued to work on reducing the weight of all sections of the kart. The 2018 karts will receive new lightened sidepod bars as well as a new front crash bar.

The new steering wheel incorporates raising the grip area of the steering. This is to ensure the driver holds the steering wheel in the position that makes the kart operate at its best performance.

The Cadet and Junior racing line will also receive several of the upgrades seen in the senior karts; a new look with a matt black chassis, new look decals, adjustable aluminium Foot Support & new steering wheel plus Goldline wheels hubs.

Technical Updates

The highly successful Road Rebel has been updated with several technical changes. The centre of gravity of the successful model Road Rebel has been modified in consideration of the tyres used in the main KZ categories, offering improved cornering, braking and traction. Performance has also been optimized by a slight change in the rear track. All KZ models of this range feature magnesium R-line hubs and spindles, magnesium wheels and new VEN 11 KZ braking systems.

The KT2 has become one of the most successful chassis across the globe. Changes to the chassis include brakes, steering and lightened components. However we are pleased to advise that the frame remains the same.

The Heron will return to the range of chassis. The spirit of the original design remains, but with all the features and technologies of the modern kart. The Heron Kart can be made available on request.

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